Why is Haiti Suffering?

Before we ask that question, why Haiti is suffering, our hearts first cry out for all the pain and anguish of the Haitian people. As believers in Christ compassion would lead us to do everything we can to relieve their untold suffering. It might be giving to our local church to fund a relief effort. It might be going our self or sending others to help in the relief effort. But as true Christians we would also be led through the Holy Spirit to help them understand what is happening in the world and help them make an appropriate response to the mercy of God.

Now immediately the walls start coming up over such a notion because the world has been conditioned to think of things without God’s personal involvement. As the world increases in more global tragedies which appear to be getting larger by the day she is forced to follow her leaders in responding to each of these devastating events. The international news organizations are on top of everything with reporters on the scene with a moment by moment commentary on the unfolding event. International governments begin to swing into action with relief efforts of food, medicine, and a team of secular counselors to help the depressed. Then after things seem to be well in hand everyone begins to congratulate them for a job well done honoring the heroes and glorifying their own efforts.

But where is God in all of this? Has He gone to sleep? Is this not His world and is He not in charge of it? Well most theologians will say they agree on this point. Yes, even Christians of every stripe will sit in their churches every week and say emphatically God is in control of this world and nothing happens by accident. Yet when a tragedy like this one comes on the scene where over 500,000 people have died in one day they are extremely quiet. They somehow believe it is easier to just follow the world in their relief effort and say nothing for the fear of being misunderstood.

So dear friends, if we believe that God is truly in charge of His world and nothing happens by accident then we have only two choices. We either believe that God has allowed the event to take place without divine intervention or He actually caused the event to take place. There is no middle ground here for if you believe otherwise, then you cannot say that you believe that God is in charge of this world. So now as believers we must ask ourselves do we need to ask God for wisdom to understand the difference. And this is not just for one person to ask this question and speak as a prophet unless he feels led to do so, but for each and every person. To do so will help you to respond properly to God’s mercy and or judgment.

I can’t say why this calamity has specifically come upon the Haitian people, but I can tell them to call out to God, the One true God for mercy and if repentance is necessary, do so immediately asking Him for forgiveness. I can say that God is in control! His Word in the Bible indicates that He will and already has poured out his wrath upon a wicked world. God is the one who sends the seven angels forth to blow their trumpets which unleashes the plagues and woes descending upon the earth. He is the one who sends forth the angels with bowls of His wrath to be poured upon the earth in the last days. And if there is any misunderstanding about the last days, the coming of Christ ushered in the last days to come to a conclusion on His mighty return to earth. The Christian Bible clearly indicates that the hour of his judgment has come and it is time for all people from every nation, tribe and people to repent asking God for forgiveness.

Finally, we can help the Haitian people in the relief effort, but if we do not seek to lead them to repentance of their sins and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord then we have really done nothing but given them momentary relief. And if that is all we can do, then are they really any better off when they face the judgment seat of God and eternal damnation? As the world races toward the end of days will the Church remain silent or will she speak in a unified voice proclaiming God’s truth about His involvement in the world. Will the church become a true witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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