Why Can't I Hear God?

Why Can’t I Hear God?

The inability to hear God is rather unsettling for those who claim to be believers and especially during a day when things just don’t seem to be working out as they had planned. It’s quite disturbing when everyone seems to have a different message from God concerning what’s happening to the world and more specifically what’s happening to humanity. Many are crying out, “Why can’t I hear God?” This is evident when they suddenly realize that they are saying the “amen” on conflicting articles on social media posts. They both can’t be right! This is evident when we get contradicting voices from within moving us in one direction then another.  There are several reasons why people cannot hear God, which is unexpectedly getting worse as the world and humanity seems to be falling apart. So, as humanity stumbles into the dark you can still hear their agonizing cry, “Why can’t I hear God.”

As I already stated, there are several reasons, yet there is one reason that stands out above the rest stopping the ears of everyone who desires to hear God. We will attempt to unpack this slowly so we don’t gloss over the importance of this mostly unrecognized reason that most believers miss, on why they can’t hear God. To help us understand, we need to have a correct view of God. Let me give you a rather simple illustration. If I took my computer to a software expert to determine what I was doing wrong that had caused me so many problems, then I would be all ears to hear what he was saying. However, if I start drawing on some of my limited knowledge seeking to integrate my self-taught knowledge with his, then I soon discover that the assimilation of knowledge is not fixing my problems. In essence, because I took my limited knowledge and tried to assimilate it with his, then I could not hear what he was saying. The same holds true for God. We can’t approach God with our limited worldly, self-righteous knowledge, and expect to hear what God has to say to his children.

Most will agree that God is all-knowing. He knows everything about everything because He created it. He knows the end from the beginning because He created time. So, when we approach God to hear His voice, we must come empty-handed, if we truly want to hear His voice. Let me explain. If we come to God with our belief system so entrenched on what we believe is the truth, then our ears could be stopped. This is difficult for most because they will say, “I got this truth from the Bible!” But here is the problem, a lot of so-called truth that believers hang onto, when they are trying to hear God, is nothing more than someone’s personal interpretation. Even a blind man can see this when we have so many different denominations all claiming to have the truth. The point is, if we want to hear God, we must come empty-handed. Leave all of our sacred theology behind coming only with biblical truth, clean hands, and a pure heart The Psalmist says, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully” (Psalms 24:3-4). Most often theology created by the church has blinded many believers to the truth and has kept them from hearing God.

In the beginning, it was not so. Theology developed by religious man was meant to help God’s children to learn the sacred truths of our faith. Along the way, many different traditions, rites, and ceremonies were developed by the established Church. They were intended to bring God’s children into a closer walk with Him, however, in time they have become empty religious rituals void of the Spirit and baring their entrance to the throne of grace. Today, most of God’s children are unable to hear the voice of God. Let me give you another example of how church taught theology can lead people away from the clear teachings of biblical truth. Biblical truth says mankind will reap what he has sown (See Galatians 6:7) and will suffer the consequences of his acts of evil, either through personal suffering or the plagues and woes poured out by God. The Bible says, “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption…” (Galatians 6:8a). On the other hand, bad theology, that is, man’s interpretation of the Bible says mankind will escape God’s woes and plagues through a “secret” rapture before things get too bad, forcing God to rapture a lukewarm church. (See my book “Final Warning, Because the Hour of His Judgment Has Come.”) If we come to God telling Him that whatever He says must fit within our theology developed by mankind, then we will never hear the voice of God.

We must tear down everything we think we know and allow God to speak through the indwelling Spirit and confirm it with the Bible. Let me tell you, the world does not want to hear what God has to say. I have already prophesied before the Coronavirus ever became a global pandemic that “if it turned out to be so, it was justifiable retribution poured out on communist China for destroying God’s beloved children, their houses of worship, and forcing them to believe the lie or die.” (Please see my blog article entitled, “The Greatest Lie Perpetrated Upon Mankind.”) Now, I believe God is allowing this virus to spread to every country that has openly and unashamedly practiced their immorality in the streets of our great cities and have taught God’s beloved children to question His ability to make them into a new creation where old things truly pass away.1 As believers are lining up at the counselor’s office to see them through what is coming upon the world, they will not hear the voice of God. God is saying, it’s past time to repent and trust God exclusively to give us everything we need for life and godliness.2 If you want to hear the voice of God, we must come with clean hands and a pure heart. Draw close to God and He will help you to stand firm for what is coming upon the world. The Bible says, “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded” (James 4:8). Stand Firm.

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  1. God listens to you and, accordingly, hears you! Everything will be sorted out! Many thanks for publishing this piece!

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