Whos Telling the Truth

Who’s Telling the Truth?

The Bible says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). This has been the problem since the beginning of time. When temptation and sin entered the world, thanks to Satan, mankind as a whole has not agreed with their God and have not generally agreed with one another. This division between man and his God was caused when the truth was questioned by the incitement of a lie, “Did God say” (see Genesis 3:1). It was not long thereafter that man was telling his own lies driving a deeper wedge between groups of people and the family unit. In time, these lies spawned completely different notions as to who God is, how we as a man came to be, the meaning of life, and our place in the universe. Although Jesus Christ came to set the captives free by giving them the truth about who we are and our original relationship with God, fallen humanity had already been questioning the validity of truth seen so clearly in Pilate’s response to Jesus, “What is Truth” (See John 18:38). I don’t think Pilate was mocking Jesus but simply stating an accepted norm that believed it was impossible to actually know the truth. Why was that so difficult then and now will be the topic of our study today, especially important with what’s currently going on in the world.

For many years in this country witnesses were sworn in by promising to, “tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” This has become a bedrock of our legal system trusting that witnesses would set the record straight making it possible to deliver the correct judgment. However, we have grown increasingly more like Ancient Rome where one can say, “Who’s telling the truth?” Or “What is truth.” So, what’s making this so difficult in our day? The simplistic answer, which we will give further details, is that some truths and hearsay have been uniquely woven into the lie to make it more palatable or acceptable. In essence, they have created the half-truth, which is nothing less than a bald-faced lie. This, of course, has been Satan’s design from the beginning, knowing full well that lies will divide the human race making it far easier to conquer. The Bible calls this corrupt communication. It’s way beyond just vulgarity and filthiness, which also divides, to corrupt communication filled with damaging lies and half-truths intended to divide and destroy their fellow man (See Ephesians 4:29). This is exactly what we see in today’s world, lies dressed up with half-truths and hearsay to destroy the other side.

The other downside to this corrupt communication is that it grieves the Holy Spirit of God, which is the same Spirit that dwells in the heart of every true believer in Christ (See Ephesians 4:30). This is a great barometer of the Church’s true condition before a Holy God. If the indwelling Spirit is grieved (or deeply saddened) in an individual, then it can cause tremendous consequences allowing the person to slip into an array of emotional and psychological problems. It can cloud their thinking by actually calling bad, good and calling good, bad. We have seen this just recently where churches were divided over the acceptance of homosexuality and the so-called rights of the abortionist. This saddened Spirit can also allow people to see prophecies and interpretations of Holy Scriptures that are completely wrong causing great divisions among God’s beloved children. These divisions are not helping our united witness to a dying world nor is it helping us to stand firm against an evil world. Half-truths and hearsays are bald-faced lies causing people to divide, by rising up to destroy one another, which is giving the devil his due. Furthermore, in our divisions, nothing is being accomplished. How sad!

This corrupt communication has also filled the airwaves, the news media, and social media intoxicating the public. I say “intoxicating” because it’s like a drug or alcohol causing most people to keep coming back for more and more of the same thing. It’s like they can’t get enough of the lies and counter lies bashing the other side. It fires the spirit of retaliation unwilling to even talk to the other side or to look deeper into what they believe. It also finds great comfort and self-worth in finding others in their little echo chamber that agrees with them. It even emboldens and magnifies their pride when they listen to the so-called experts on the national news sites seemingly agreeing with their position. And the divide grows wider and wider every day! “What is truth?” It’s becoming more indiscernible every day. Unfortunately, it’s being peddled by the News Media and Social Media because they want your business. They want your money! They can care less if they are speaking the truth or speaking a lie. Simply put they are giving you exactly what they think you want. It works that way on both advertisements and news reporting or things that you see on your social media newsfeeds. We must no longer allow them to spread their lies through us. We must repent of our corrupt communication thus allowing the indwelling Spirit to once again rejoice in our hearts and continue to grow us from one degree of glory to another.

So, who’s telling the truth? The only one telling the truth is the Spirit if we have ears to hear. So, how do we have ears to hear? We begin by removing all of our preconceptions. You take all those childhood beliefs from politics to eschatology, from so-called proven science to psychology, and everything in between and ask God to bring forth His truth through the indwelling Spirit. Believe me, this will be the most humbling experience; wiping your heart and mind clean and allowing God to teach you His truth. When we do, we will begin to see the lies of the devil dressed up in half-truths and hearsay. When we do, we will see His truth confirmed again and again in the tremendous joy of the Spirit that’s no longer grieved. When we do, we will see how the lies blinded us from so many beautiful truths in His Word, the Bible. Until fallen humanity returns to God and His truth, they will be quiet incapable of really seeing the truth. They will be like Pontius Pilate, who said, “What is truth?” Or what we would say today, “Who’s telling the truth?” Yes, it is a good thing to turn off your electronic devices, shut your mouth, and listen to the indwelling Spirit to help us to only see the truth and nothing but the truth. Amen

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  1. My brother and my friend in CHRIST JESUS. I appreciate your knowledge and teachings. Many around the world are being blessed! Thank you GOD bless you!

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