When the World Goes Silent

When the World Goes Silent

Is the world holding its breath waiting for the next major catastrophe to happen or are they remaining silent hoping to stop a global panic? Almost every believer feels something deep within their spirit that something major is about to happen. Well, if we all feel that way, then what are we going to do about it? We can’t hide our heads in the sand or find the nearest cave to hide in, nor can we just sit back and ignore everything that we are witnessing in the world. We hear all the senseless chatter, but we don’t hear what’s really happening in the world. On the other hand, we are bombarded with politics, unbelievable lawlessness, and hateful rhetoric from the rich and powerful elites, but no one is speaking the truth about what’s really happening in the world. They either don’t know, or they don’t care. Even many of the so-called prophets are being ignored because their prophecies are being disproved over and over again. It unleashes unchecked pandemonium in the digital town square, casting the left against the right. On the other hand, silence has become louder than words, raising the level of anxiety and causing a rush to the counselor’s office. It’s time for true believers in Christ to listen and follow the Spirit’s leading to bring us back to a sense of normalcy.

We are running out of time. It’s time to start listening to the Spirit. Every true believer has the Spirit of the living God dwelling within them. Let’s stop trying to listen to a ruthless world and start listening to the Spirit. Allow the world to go silent so that we can hear the voice of God. I know this is a hard thing for the modern world to do with all the technology at their fingertips. It’s a hard thing but it is not impossible. We need to close the door to our proverbial prayer closet and listen only to the Spirit. Prayer without listening is no prayer at all, but only a spoken wish list. Learn how to mute the phone, the TV, and every other device that opens our door to the world. This is only the first step in learning how to listen. As you sit in silence, then we take the second step by clearing our minds of all its thoughts and vain imaginations. I know this is difficult too because the mind loves to wander from one thought to another by rehearsing, analyzing, and pondering every thought. It loves vain imaginations allowing our minds to carry us away to any place or time, associating with the most amazing people, real or unreal.

We must clear our minds even if we must do it multiple times because the old devil loves to keep you occupied so that you cannot hear the voice of God. We must give God a clean slate to write His beautiful words on, which will always come in His time and not ours. So, we keep our minds blank waiting for God to speak through the Spirit. Yes, I know, this is difficult too because we don’t much like waiting in silence and solitude. It could take hours or the better part of a day, but we must learn to wait patiently believing that God wants to speak to His beloved children. He is not a mute God for we were created in His image, and you know how much we love to talk. In the beginning, we can use Holy Scripture reading it very slowly rolling it over and over again in our minds allowing God to bring the words to life as if the words are flying off the page and into your tormented soul. The Holy Spirit then writes those words on our hearts and into our minds allowing the Spirit to pull on those words during our future prayers and meditation. This is tremendously beautiful because the Spirit can pull on Scripture that you haven’t looked at in years but has become a part of your memories and useful for the present occasion.

God can also pull on other sanctified memories, which we speak back to Him in our minds, but it is the absolute silence and solitude that allows God to speak to us in His still small voice. Oh, the glory of hearing God for the first time knowing with all assurance that it is Him. I take great confidence that God will never violate His own words in the Bible. He will never tell us to do something that is against the teachings of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Furthermore, there is always a wonderful warming in the heart as we feel His presence through the Holy Spirit. At other times the Spirit simply opens up our deeper understanding of a situation and allows us to see what was previously hidden before we entered into our meditative prayer. He can also masterfully bring other thoughts into our mind that we know came directly from the Lord. He can immediately change circumstances to work out all things to the best, making the impossible, possible (Romans 8:28). Learning to listen, really listen, to God has taken a lifetime of walking ever closer to Him, seeing one little miracle after another. When these little miracles become visible, knowing, and believing, that God caused them to happen, then it will bring us tears of great joy. Oh, what an awesome God we serve.

So, when the world goes silent, on the verge of another catastrophe, listen to God alone in silence and solitude. As we draw closer to God in the Spirit all anxiety will flee. He will direct your path when there seems like there’s no other way. In my past two articles, we have discussed how the world is falling apart with no clear solutions from those in charge. We have learned together that God’s way and His solutions can meet and overcome every situation. Now, I want to emphasize that God will be with us every step of the way if we trust Him to lead the way. That trust is proven by listening to God alone as we face every new circumstance and every new challenge. He will often call you to do the seemingly impossible. He may even call you to do the uncomfortable, but whatever He calls you to do, God will be with you through the indwelling Spirit. God will never leave you or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6), ESV). It’s always humanity that leaves God as they take control of the situation refusing to wait any longer. They follow the world in to doing their godless research on the internet believing that they alone can solve all of their problems and overcome every situation. Let me please encourage you to wait upon the Lord and be amazed at how He will give you the strength to follow His path in the most difficult of times.

The Bible says, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). Please, dear children, during these difficult days, we need to wait upon the Lord, listening in silence and solitude allowing Him alone to direct our path even as the world grows silent.

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4 thoughts on “When the World Goes Silent”

  1. Thank you for your wisdom of Truth. I am praying for my closeness with Jesus Christ and to listen for God’s Will for me 🙏

    1. That is a wonderful prayer my dear sister, Vickie, to pray that we listen to God’s will for ourselves. May we also walk in that will especially when we hear the still small voice of our God. Thank you my dear sister for your comment, for all glory goes to God who gives me these articles for His precious children. God bless you.

  2. Reverend Blair, BEAUTIFUL, ENCOURAGING article! I encourage everyone to read it! Especially love your words from the Lord:

    “Whatever God calls you to do, He will be with you through the indwelling Spirit”.


    God bless you always Reverend Blair.

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