What Will Be the Measure of Your Faith When Christ Returns

What Will Be the Measure of Your Faith When Christ Returns?

If you had to, how would you describe your faith? More importantly, how would God describe it? That is something we want to be sure about when we consider this question, “What will be the measure of your faith when Christ returns?” Faith has been a very loose term tossed around to describe many different things. Some have referred to their particular denomination as the “faith” with the connotation that if you left the denomination for another it would be the same as leaving the faith. Others have used the word quite differently essentially saying if you just had enough faith you could have or do whatever you want. While others have said your faith is simply the collection of all your doctrines that you so tenaciously hold onto. While there may be a certain element of truth in all these definitions, for the sake of this article I will only look at the aspect that Christ looks at upon His return to earth.

To better explain this aspect of faith let’s look at what God expects from those living at the time of Christ’s Second Coming. Let’s look at the broken heart of our Savior when He comes back to earth to receive His Bride, the Church. The Bible says, “I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8). The answer to this rhetorical question is, “No.” It would seem that most living at the time of Christ’s Second Coming was rather shallow in their faith. I am sure that they belonged to the Church and believed all their doctrines but had given up any hope of Christ coming swiftly to avenge their tormentors. Now, this does not teach that there will be no Christians when Christ returns. On the other hand, what it does teach is that most will be lacking in the full measure of their faith. I firmly believe that there will be a faithful remnant when Christ finally returns to earth that has the full measure of their faith. So, let’s look at this faith that we should strive for and the faith that Christ wants to see in His followers when He returns.

Simply put, this faith is a strong belief that God will send His Son back to earth to punish those who have inflicted their unrighteous judgment upon His beloved children. That they should be rescued from the awful grips of Satan and his demonic host. Before we pipe up and say, “Not a problem for me” let’s be sure we fully understand just how bad it can get prior to Christ’s glorious return. The people living in the West and especially in the United States will have the most difficult time keeping this faith. Everything taught to them from their pulpits, their movies and their books has been about the great escape. Yes, before things get too bad every believer will be secretly raptured up to heaven while everyone else will be left behind. So, we are faced with the question which kind of faith do we have? A faith that believes that God will come back for us before things get too bad or a Biblical faith that believes that no matter how bad it gets He will return in His time to judge those who have tormented His beloved children.

Here is the problem. If one believes the former that Christ will return before it gets too bad, but He doesn’t, then their faith will surely be tested. When things get really bad beyond what they imagined, they will start to question their faith that He will return to right all wrongs. They may stop praying. They may no longer cry out for God to intervene. They may even stop believing in the Second Coming of Christ. Will Christ find faith upon the earth? The only thing that will keep this faith alive is believing that no matter how bad it gets God will be with you. That He will keep His promise. I would love to spare you of this faithlessness as you stand before God by helping you to prepare for the absolute worst-case scenario. The good news is we don’t need to imagine it we can read about it (or we can listen to it on Tribulation Radio). Yes, I am talking about the book of Revelation. We don’t need to explain it away. We don’t need to spiritualize it. We don’t need to ignore it. We need to ask the Lord to open our eyes so that we can see just how bad it’s going to get.

Yes, open your eyes may be the boldest thing you will do for indeed it shows you the horror of unchecked rebellion. Where every manner of sin is practiced in the open for all to see. Murder, mass shootings, sex slaves, gang rape, the acceptance of homosexuality, the transgender and bestiality along with other forms of perversion barely scratch the surface of the demonic hold on the world. It makes Sodom and Gomorrah look tame in comparison. Then there is God’s rebuke by pouring out the full extent of His wrath upon an unrepentant world by allowing it to sink deeper into its immorality and the natural outcome of not taking care of the planet. From pollution in the oceans killing all the sea-life allowing it to wash upon the seashore to the contamination of drinking water and the air we breathe. From the pandemics sweeping the planet to the increase in psychological problems among many trying to deal with the world’s problems. Where in the near future most of the population will no longer work but draw their food and water rations from those in power making even socialism look ideal. For most they will say, “Who cares about the identification mark when our families are starving.” Who bothers to pray anymore? Take a long hard look at the book of Revelation and stop trying to explain it away or making it apply to some future dispensation.

Once we have done that we must decide to come out of the world by no longer following their ways. We have chosen the Way of righteousness then we need to walk in it. We must continue to walk in the classic biblical faith of believing that God will send His Son to earth to punish those who have judged you with an unrighteous judgment. That is, so many have been classified by the ever-expanding DSM manual to have some emotional or psychological problem needing their drugs and counseling for life. Let’s have faith believing that God has truly delivered us from the old sin nature giving us a brand-new life, where old things have passed away. Have faith believing that God is hearing your cries. He has not left us alone as the world pulls further away from everything called God. He is right here with us promising to never leave us or forsake us (See Hebrews 13:5). We must continue to pray knowing that it is the power to keep you strong in your faith. It is the power to reach up to heaven crying out to a righteous God asking Him to come swiftly and judge those who have come against you in the name of Satan and his ruthless power here on earth. Ask yourself, “What will be the measure of your faith at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?”

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  1. Praise the Lord . Today Lord , I’ll reserve the portion of my day just for You and me , please help me to be free from the obstacle , may You help me to be free from any disturb .I realy want to be free to worship You , and praise You at all time . I’d like to walk in the way which Lord has commanded . Whatever , I may die with You , and live with You .Show me the way in time , Lord Jesus …Here is a trustworthy saying : we’ll also live with him ; if we endure , we’ll also reign with him . If we disown him , he’ll also disown us ; if we are faithless , he’ll remain faithful , for he cannot disown himself .2 Tim 2: 11-13 .Amen .

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