The Blessed Hope

What is Truth?

There are many voices coming at you. Everyone’s an expert. There is talk radio, cable news, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals. Who is telling the truth? We are pulled in many different directions. Maybe it’s because we are listening to the world and not listening exclusively to God. Have you ever noticed that the world typically gives you two choices and then allows you to make a choice? They claim to have given you enough information from both positions to lead you to make the right choice – a choice that you assume is the truth. However, what if it were neither one of the choices? What if it were something completely different?

Furthermore, we have all gone for years having the experts tell us the truth, only to find out years later that they have changed their mind and it was not truth after all, but just another hypothetical truth or learned opinion. We have seen this in science, politics, psychology, and even medicine. Think about the number of times the experts have changed their mind on child rearing, global warming, traditional medical practices, the safety of prescription drugs or what is the best health care plan for America. Isn’t anyone speaking the truth? If we listen to God and not the world then we will come to know the truth – revelation truth.

We have had politicians say that they are speaking the truth to only discover that it was just a lie and of course this was after we voted for them thinking that they would really bring change to a besieged world. Most are caught in a web of deceit, being tossed in one direction and then another. More and more information is thrown at you daily and even on an hourly basis. It is coming at faster and faster speeds from many different channels. The world is on information overload and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Not only are people more confused, but they are always learning but unable to come to the truth. They are always seeking, but never finding. Only the bright light of God’s revealed truth will expose the lies and deception. God’s truth will show you the way. It will set you free!

God’s truth will guide you along the narrow way – a way that is so opposite from the world that only a few find it – a way that will bring you from death to life, but first you must stop listening to the world and start listening to God. Really listen, not just sort of listen. Doing so will set you free from the bondages of this world and open your eyes to a new reality. “Once I was blind, but now I see.” God’s truth allows you to see things from a new perspective. It gives you a new world view. You will see things differently. You will understand things differently. Then you will soon discover that Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation of truth.

Friends, my desire is to look only briefly at the events unfolding in this world and then to look intently at God at work in His world, listening only to His voice. Many of our leaders foolishly think that they are controlling events in this world and don’t realize that they are either pawns of the devil or servants of the most High God. I have said it so many times in the past and will say it again– “nothing happens by accident, God is in control”. God will bring this world to a conclusion at the end of the Great Tribulation and at the glorious return of His Son Jesus Christ. I pray that you come to the Truth so that the scales will fall from your eyes so that you can really see what is happening in the world. You may be shocked!

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