What is the Key to Unity

What is the Key to Unity?

Why did Christ and His apostles work so hard for Christian unity? Why did Jesus make this a main tenet of His high priestly prayer to the Father? Could it be that unity is the spring board to revival? That … it’s the glue that holds the Christian community together making it a formidable force for which to reckon. As we fast approach the end of days the unity of God’s people is imperative for standing firm. “What infinite mischief have needless divisions occasioned in the Christian world! Divide et impera (divide and conquer) is the Devil’s motto” (George Whitfield’s Journals). From the beginning the Devil has worked just as hard to destroy the unity of believers in Christ. To this day he is piercing the armor of the Christian soldier by bolstering his pride, self-worth, and inflated ego. One does not have to linger long on the social network Facebook to have this so ruthlessly demonstrated among those claiming to be Christian. Unfortunately the other extreme everything is believed for the sake of tolerance as they happily sing kumbaya. We must look between these two extremes to find the truth which is the key to unity.

While some Christians have separated over major theological issues respecting salvation, many others have separated over the smallest of theological issues fragmenting the Church. Not only has this become a blight on the unbelieving world, it has hurt the individual Christian by offering him a smorgasbord of different beliefs where his opinion is just as valid as the next. Even the Bible as the Christian’s supreme authority, has been diluted, reinterpreted, and changed to such a degree that he feels no problem in adopting his own faith and set of values in a confused world. So the key to unity and our strength to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Christians around the world is by returning to our classic faith. Returning to faith is the key. We must return to the heart of our faith. This is a faith that believes beyond the superficial faith of just believing in the historical facts of Christ’s death and resurrection on the Cross of Calvary. Even Satan believes that and shutters. It must move beyond the elementary doctrines of our faith concerning baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, the eternal judgment, and teachings about righteousness.

We must return to an iconic faith, a faith so strong that it can move mountains, still the storms, and raise the dead. We must return to the faith that believes that God is transforming us into a new creation where old things pass away and behold all things are new.  Have we learned to put off the old and put on the new as our behavior is being changed by the almightily God from the inside out? We must return to a faith that believes that God has really given us everything we need for life and godliness. Do we believe that through His great and precious promises we can participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires? We must return to a faith that believes that nothing can separate us from the love of God. We must return to a faith that believes that no one can snatch us from the Father’s hand and that includes the devil and all of his malicious lies. Do we believe that our citizenship is already in heaven?

Jesus Christ said, “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth (Luke 18:8)?” In fact it is only the faithful remnant that’s able to withstand the coming holocaust. They have learned the key to unity as they stand firmly together in the midst of the greatest trials and tribulation to ever descend upon the earth. But first of all we as Christians must return to the iconic faith and join with others who also have this faith. It’s time to stop apologizing for our faith. It’s time to stop following the world in their quest to solve their multitude of problems apart from Jesus Christ.  I, more than anyone, regret the pain the pagan has in solving their problems and turning to the world for help. But I also know it is futile for them and hope that one day they will come to the truth that God is more than capable of solving all of their problems. He is capable of making them into a beautiful person free from anxiety, depression, and a host of other psychological and emotional problems. By returning to this iconic faith and encouraging other Christians to do the same we will see that blessed revival in the last days.  To a deeply broken church we can live it out afresh: Jesus seeks a bride, not a harem.

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