What is Causing the Unimaginable Chaos

What is Causing the Unimaginable Chaos?

We spoke briefly about the chaos affecting humanity on my latest News Brief, today we will look at what’s causing it to become the worse thing to ever fall upon humanity. Chaos engenders an image of things totally out of control, where stark raving madness and the walking dead barely scratch the surface of uncovering the complete picture. Law and order will be exchanged for complete lawlessness, not only in the streets but behind nearly every door. Love for one’s neighbors will be exchanged for explosive outrage doing the unimaginable, without a hint of remorse. Heated rhetoric will be exchanged for plotting demonically inspired retaliation beyond one’s own sensibilities. Sanity will be exchanged for bouts of insanity inflicting injury to others and to oneself. All of the psychological disorders known to self-righteous man will run rampant through all of humanity from the deepest pit of depression to the many crying bouts of anxiety. As more drugs are legalized to calm the masses the massive addiction doesn’t curb the tide of madness. Even the handing out of free money will not stop the unimaginable chaos. So, let’s follow God’s prophetic voice from ages past to understand what’s causing the chaos.

Right in the very beginning, God instituted worship by teaching His children to offer sacrifices to provide for their needs and even their deepest desires (See Genesis 4:3-4). Even in the days of old, it engendered a personal relationship with something larger than life. This was a beautiful dynamic that brought humanity to the schoolhouse of faith and trust in a Higher Power that not only provided but protected mankind from his worst fears. This understanding of a higher power spread to every corner of the globe. It was not long before every people group or civilization developed their own unique understanding of God to protect them from the unknown and to provide for their people. As other world religions sunk into mythologies that made room for other gods, they learned how to effectively manipulate their gods and control their people. The fallen world was growing increasingly chaotic. On the other hand, step by step a chosen people were brought ever closer to the real God of creation and His expectations of obedience to a higher Law; a Law that would bring forth order out of chaos (See Exodus 20). This law showed the true nature of God not only as a provider and protector but as a God of Love (See Deuteronomy 7:9).

As God’s chosen people grew in the knowledge of God’s holiness, they understood the value of the written word (Joshua 1:8) and its many prophetic announcements. These ancient prophecies demonstrated their separateness from the rest of humanity and God’s plan to make them great among the nations (See Isiah 60). They longed for the coming Messiah to fulfill their destiny. Unfortunately, when Jesus Christ, the Messiah, finally came they rejected Him and His message for all of humanity. After fifteen hundred years in the schoolhouse, they were not ready for graduation. They were not ready for the simple Gospel that would open the door to a new life in Christ for anyone in the world through faith alone (Galatians 2:16). How beautiful were the feet of those who spread the Good News (See Romans 10:15) beyond Palestinian to distant lands bringing forth order out of chaos and replacing hate with love? Although many in other world religions still hung onto their religious myths, the world, for the most part, was held back from total chaos because of their unwavering faith in their god. Christianity also demonstrated an unusually strong trust in God even during the darkest days of Christendom, which kept chaos from overtaking the world. This all changed in the nineteenth century.

For eighteen hundred years most of humanity among the world religions, including Christianity, held tightly to their religious dogma. It gave them purpose and continuity to their lives. It gave them structure to their daily lives in attempting to live up to the will of their God. It gave them a sense of order mostly understanding the difference between what was right and what was wrong. Although only a few reached the deeper life, truly understanding the significance of the transformed life, the overall trust in God kept chaos at bay. Although war continued and lawlessness remained a blight on civilization, chaos did not overtake the entire world as it has today.  So, what happened in the nineteenth century? What changed? New sciences and humanistic philosophies arrived on the scene allowing humanity to develop new structures for life; structures that no longer needed to align with Holy Scripture. A new order was presented for all of humanity to experiment with the new laws to govern their relationship with the creation and with one another. Man had finally come of age and he pridefully decided to ignore his parental guidance from an all-knowing God. He boldly stepped into the new world proclaiming that he alone could make decisions concerning his relationship with the world and how to solve all of his problems.

So, for over two hundred years mankind experimented with the new sciences, accepting some and rejecting others based on his own self-knowledge. Self had become the center of his universe. As he approached the new sciences of the big bang theory, the age of our world, or the universe, he could make his own decision if it was true. Was the world created in seven days (See Genesis 2:1-2), or was it seven years, or perhaps it was seven thousand years, or why not seven million years? The problem with this thinking is the order of the universe is no longer sealed in the pages of God’s Holy Word but is now dynamic being changed as new discoveries are made allowing man to make or change his decision. Nothing is concrete. He could also decide if he believed in evolution, perhaps not realizing if he did, then our creation by a perfect God could not be perfect if we evolved from a lower life form. What does that say about being created in the image of God (See Genesis 1:27)? There is no longer order or structure if man has an option to believe whatever he wants. Take these to any social media platform and see how many different opinions you get. When every man is free to believe whatever he wants, then it will affect his belief system in an all-knowing God. You can already begin to feel the rumbling of chaos.

As humanity moves further away from God and the order that was established for him through the Gospel, the more desperate he will become to find new truth to solve his problems. All the sciences and the teachings of psychology were created in a vacuum. They were created at a time when humanity began to reject the teachings of the Church and the Bible casting them into a raging sea of uncertainty as they sought new truth. They had forgotten about God’s bountiful love, His amazing peace, and the promise of being transformed into a new creation. They had forgotten the beautiful laws that showed them how to relate with their fellow man and with his created order. Humanity became ripe for Satan’s leading, leading them further and further away from God’s structure for their lives. As humanity moved further away from God and His absolute truth, they began to feel the pain of living life without God to solve their problems. Instead of repenting and seeking God’s way they turned to the world who promised humanity all the answers to their ever-increasing problems. In time they began to experience the horror of living life without God. As more problems flooded his soul, such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, along with a score of other problems, Satan sent forth his agents of psychology with a promise to fix all their problems. Most of us can see how this worked out for humanity. The rumblings of chaos began to grow even louder.

Humanity’s quest for knowledge to solve its many problems moved well beyond the sciences and the huminitic teachings of psychology to the internet and all that it had to offer their desperate souls. Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms offered a host of possibilities to wayward humanity in the search for truth. No longer satisfied with God’s Word and the teachings of the church the internet search became the new podium of truth. Instead of turning to God for answers they endlessly searched the internet to discover the so-called truth about all of life. From health-related issues to mental anguish and difficulties with personal relationships the search began with the hope of solving their many problems. From the best diet to unlocking one’s future with extensive DNA searches and the best exercise programs their endless research continued unabated. From watching the latest political drama unfold to uncovering the latest conspiracy theory the mind is suddenly on overdrive trying to assimilate all the new information. Then if that’s not enough to consume our time, all this information is downloaded onto the social media platforms, so that we can banner with others about their opinions as they too seek to discover even more information to solve their many problems. Being outside of God’s perfect, peaceful order, humanity’s stress levels are growing exponentially, and chaos is in the process of destroying everything we hold dear.

In conclusion, the Bible says, “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; (Ephesians 4:13-14). Because humanity turned away from God, they are now suffering the consequences brought about by the agents of Satan happy to oblige by giving us all the wrong information as we attempt to find a peaceful and fulfilled life in Christ. Let me implore you to seek only the counsel of God who has sent his beloved Son to give us a bountiful life with everything needed to overcome every problem that we will ever face (See II Peter 1-3-4). Dear children the chaos will continue, let us not be pulled into it by behaving like the heathen who are like rudderless boats being blown about by every new piece of information. Chaos is busting my eardrums, let’s return to the peace of God and His order and structure for our lives. Amen

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  1. This was so good and you answered many questions I had, thank you. I’m so glad God is using you in this way. Pray you be so blessed in ways you never imagined.

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