What Does God Say Concerning Things to Come

What Does God Say Concerning Things to Come?

Give us ears, Oh Lord, to hear what you are saying, about what is going on in the world. We must ask, “Do you really want to know?” In one word, pandemonium. Stark raving madness, unimaginable fear, unnerving stress, uncontrollable anger, thoughts of suicide, or striking back to harm others is running rampant throughout the entire world. Nearly every person is being affected by one or more psychological problems known to man, driving many into a dark pit of depression, while many others feel as if they will explode from within. No, this is not some sci-fi movie, it’s happening now. It’s reality. So, what is happening that could cause such chaotic behavior? Could this help us to see what is on the horizon, to see clearly the things to come? Let’s listen to what God is saying, while we still have ears to hear. Let me say upfront, this is not another conspiracy theory, but it will be our last warning of things to come. For over two thousand years from the writing of the book of Revelation to the present day, many have sounded the warning of things to come. So, what makes this warning different will become self-evident later in the article.

So, what is happening now in the world? I suppose we would need to be living on another planet to not know what is happening. It started over a decade ago with the news media wanting to give the other side of the story allowing the public to decide. “We report and you decide.” As time progressed the arguments became more detailed and hotly debated with each side, garnering their own supporters. This opened pandora’s box by giving others, not just the politicians, a voice or opinion in the public arena. Finally, this opened another door to the very popular social media platforms, which gave everyone a voice and a following from those who agreed. The divisions continued unabated as the world slept. Everyone was able to express his or her own opinion publicly. It did not take long before simple opinions would turn into legitimate causes and strongly held beliefs. It did not take long for old grievances to surface bringing forth more powerful forces to divide the people. As new leaders arose, they were accused of fanning the flames of discontent and creating more divisions among the people, while another leader was accused of taking half the country in a completely different direction. These divisions continued unabated waiting for a spark to lite the fuse.

The spark finally came with the pandemic that pushed people beyond what they could handle. Although divisions had been growing for more than a decade with sudden spurts of unimaginable lawlessness and mass shootings, it wasn’t until the pandemic before we witnessed the greater tragedy. In an instant, the whole world was turned upside down. Although the loss of employment was tragic, the greatest factors were isolation and a disrupted routine that affected the psyche of nearly every person. Wearing a facemask, sanitizing everything, and changing our schedules paled in comparison to the sudden increase in lawlessness, mass shootings, and growing divisions among the people. New divisions were precipitated by different opinions and questionable facts concerning the vaccine, reopening schools, wearing a facemask, or where the virus originated from. These divisions not only pitted one person against another, but it brought into question the validity of our trusted scientists and government leaders. This too has had a profound effect upon the psyche of the people. Who can be trusted to tell the truth? As occasional shocking lawlessness and mass shootings appeared across the country, in time they turned into daily and hourly events, which has dulled the senses. With every tragic event, it has pushed people to the brink, escalating their psychological problems, and creating pandemonium in the streets of the world.

These divisions did not happen by accident. They did not happen in a vacuum. These divisions have been orchestrated by the powers of darkness, pitting one side against another for some time now. Everything from the news media to social media was used to create this divide encouraging everyone to speak their opinion, even encouraging them to fight back with aggressive and hateful rhetoric, as long as it is for the liberal viewpoint. On the other hand, a time has already come where conservative views are considered decisive. Social Media has been given the power to silence the voice of anyone they disagree with by banning them from their platform. As we shall see, Satan will use these divisions to his advantage. He will send forth his agent, the Antichrist, when the time is right as a savior of humanity. He will come at a time when most people think that they can’t take anymore. Satan’s Antichrist will come as a savior proclaiming to unite all the factions, to stop the infighting, and bring about unity. However, this is only a smokescreen, for his real intentions are to only uphold his new liberal norm and if anyone disagrees, they will be seen as decisive. They will be seen as an enemy of the State.

So, what does God say concerning things to come? If you have read this far, then I assume that you are a Christian and sincerely want to know. Every article written, and its accompanying video, begins at the feet of Jesus Christ or it’s not worthy to be published. These are the most perilous times for God’s beloved children because what’s evil will appear to be good, and what’s good will appear to be evil making it difficult for the novice (See Isiah 5:20). The Bible says, “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved” (II Thessalonians 2:9-10, ESV). The man of lawlessness (or the Antichrist) through his wicked deception will unite the entire world to follow his teachings. He will promise to save the world from wars, hunger, and what he calls global warming. They will eagerly believe that he will unite all races together as one, demonstrating mutual respect for one another. He will garner the support of the religious leaders who will lead you to give him praise and adoration for all of his braggadocious accomplishments (See Revelation 3:11-18). If you decide not to follow him and his teachings, then it will be most difficult for you.

So, you will need to stand firm in what you have been taught from the Holy Scriptures. God’s promise to you, is that the Holy Spirit will not leave you alone. He will bring to your memory all that He has taught you through the indwelling Spirit. Remember, that the people are deceived because they don’t love the truth in order to be saved (See II Thessalonians 2:10). On the other hand, we who love the truth will reject the lie of wicked deception. We reject the lie not only for us individually but also for our children and our grandchildren. We reject the lies in the Schoolroom. We reject the lies in the halls of Government. We reject the lies in the News Media, and social media. We reject the lies in movies, TV series, and videos. We reject the godless lies of psychological counseling even if it appears to be good by integrating it with religious teachings. For all these lies are leading us into the waiting arms of the Antichrist. What makes this particularly difficult is that many of these lies are endorsed by the religious establishment. So, what are we to do? Love the truth. Our love for the truth concerning our creation, our new birth in Christ, and His beautiful laws that give us everything we need for life and godliness, will shine as a bright light on the lies of the world exposing them for what they are. If we love the truth, then we will come out from among them and be separate (See II Corinthians 6:17). Can you hear it now? The hoofbeats of the Antichrist are getting louder. Stand Firm.

Please join me in prayer …

 Subject: “Come out from among them”

Good morning Heavenly Father. Oh Lord, you know well, how your children are so integrated within the social fabric of our society. At times it’s most difficult to tell that your people are any different than the people of the world. They may act differently in Church and try their best when around other mature believers, but you are keenly aware of how they act when socializing with those in the world. We pray, Father, that you will help them to truly come out from among them and be separate. Show them if they truly act like Christians filled with your Spirit, then it will be much easier because the world will come out from them. In fact, in most cases, they will be shunned by the world or openly ridiculed. Help them, Lord, to guard their eyes and ears by immediately turning away from evil people or gently cutting off their hateful talk by sharing the simple Gospel with great power, but only as you lead. Finally, help them to grow up in Christ, so that they can let their light shine brightly before the world. We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says …

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17).

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2 thoughts on “What Does God Say Concerning Things to Come?”

  1. Perfectly explained and spot on and I can see where I’m wrong about talking about and to democrats (I can not spell it with a big D) calling them communist and a few other choice words. I was a democrat until I was about 40 (80 now) and have Family and Friends who are still democrats who claim to be Christians, which for the life of me I just can’t understand. Am I wrong in believing their politics is the root of most of the evil in our leadership for America? Thank you, Sir you for a great article.

    1. Thank you for your comment my friend. No, you are not wrong, however, as the article stated, it is the division that Satan will use to allow his Antichrist to gain power over the entire world. God bless you my friend.

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