We Are the Faithful Remnant

We Are the Faithful Remnant

As we draw closer to the end no one will doubt the increase in wickedness and the power of Satan. They won’t doubt the destruction of humanity and our home, planet Earth. We would all have to be blind to miss what is happening all around us. However, what most will not easily admit is how difficult it is to stay pure in an impure world. They will not easily admit their tremendous struggle with the things they see and hear in the world. There is a growing group within all of Christianity that admits to this struggle and have banded together through small groups in churches, in business and on Social Media to support one another in prayer and mutual encouragement. By way of introduction, we are the faithful remnant. Some have referred to their selves as the remnant army, but whatever we call ourselves our goals are the same to stay holy in a wicked world that’s being slowly destroyed from within.

We are the faithful remnant. Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ alone above any organization established by self-righteous man. We see clearly the polarization taken place in the world and within Christendom. Some of the faithful remnant may remain in their respective groups, organizations, and churches but they sense the difference. They know that their faith is different. It’s more radical and focused on God alone. They know those things in the world that tug on their faith. They have learned those things in the world that want to interrupt their time with the indwelling Spirit. They have learned to control their emotions but also how to embrace the positive emotions to the glory of God. They also long for and expect the transformation to take place in their lives. Finally, we are not a cult by anyone’s standards because we stay within the groups that we were called. If we came out of the group, the organization or the Church, we would no longer be considered a remnant. We are not divisive, nor do we entertain a split.

We are the faithful remnant. No matter what happens in the future our faith grows stronger every day. Yes, we hear the cries and the complaining. We hear the agony of others who are ready to give up their holy pilgrimage and just be good to their selves and plunge into the many social activities or entertainment the world has to offer. We hear their excuses for not redeeming the time; for not taking the time to walk with God in the Spirit. On the other hand, we of the faithful remnant relish those times of quiet solitude in the Spirit that can last for hours. It’s not just another religious duty, it’s life in the Spirit. When things happen we may experience all the same negative emotions as the world, but they are very short lived. As we turn to the Lord we have learned how to dissipate fear, anxiety, anger, wrath, and even a momentary lapse of depression. We have embraced all the positive emotions of each of the Spiritual fruits and especially love, even for our enemies.

We are the faithful remnant. We long for the transformation and expect it. So, we don’t look back on our previous life before we knew Christ because we know those things have passed away. We don’t even dwell on past failures, because we know that we have been forgiven and as far as God is concerned it no longer exists. We hear the world tell us how they have discovered their personality type and are eager to live up to it, on the other hand we know and believe that our personality is changing every day to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ. We hear the world say that they can never change who they are because some counselor told them they would always struggle with the same psychological problem for the rest of their life. We say that God has already delivered us from our past life and its multitude of problems, now we have this bountiful life in Him to the glory of God. As the world grows more-evil and trapped in their old lives, we are growing and becoming more like Christ every day. We are being transformed.

We are the faithful remnant. When we come before the Lord in the Spirit it makes little difference of our surroundings. If we are in a small hut in the deepest part of the jungle, the prison cell, on death row or in the comfort of our home, it makes little difference if we are in the Spirit, the safest and happiest place to be. We have been accused of being too Holy or being too extreme in our Christian pilgrimage, for we bear in our body the marks of Christ in our fight against the real enemy of our souls. Every vain imagination and immoral thought that has been cast at us by the enemy, we have successfully repelled them to the glory of God. We have also repelled the hateful and threatening words spoken to us by the heathen encouraged by the enemy. Our emotions are still intact and the joy of things to come still enters our hearts. We have remained faithful. The prayer that’s always on our lips is that God will strengthen the inner man to stand firm as we see the many signs of His coming all around us. From blood moons to earthquakes we are ready. May we, your faithful remnant always be Holy and righteous in the Lord singing praises to you out of our good conscience Amen. We are the faithful remnant.

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  1. Amen. So very inspiring and true. For those of us that have studied Yahweh’s Holy Word for a long time can see the manifestation of the prophecies in His Holy Word are unfolding day after day, at a rapid pace. Come Yeshua, come. Amen

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