Warning Social Media and it's Manipulation by Antichrist

Warning: Social Media and It’s Manipulation by Antichrist

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers facing any society is division among the masses. Give people a little knowledge and a voice on the world stage with no accountability or rules of engagement it will produce pandemonium and even greater confusion. Learning how to manipulate those voices into a coherent objective through false narratives is not only dangerous for any society but could also have devastating results for all of humanity. This will be used by Antichrist to manipulate the masses. That has never been possible before, beyond nation states relying on books, speeches, and print media. Dialogue was primarily between one’s neighbor, a small group, family clan or the reach of the Church, institutions or government assembly. Although we have had news media outlets for some time now in the modern age, most would have just accepted or rejected their brief reporting and then went on with the rest of their life, typically only sharing it among their peers.

With the coming of Social Media that has all changed. Now they have been given a much larger audience. It has given them a voice to the masses, not only to share their own personal thoughts about life, but to assimilate information from others. To receive information from many different kinds of people from every walk of life, religion, and morals. In conjunction with the portable cellphone these Social Media sites can all be accessed anywhere at any time 24/7 to share on, but mainly to assimilate information. There is a continuous news feed of information. Unlike schools of higher learning and Hollywood’s proliferation of countless movies to teach the masses, that has shaped our society for over sixty years, Social Media never turns off and has the ability to project a false narrative to a greater number of people in every corner of our world. The false narratives shared has only created greater confusion among the masses in every area of thought, especially in the area of politics and theology. This new platform has subjugated the local church and even the established news media to a certain degree with the latest manipulation from unseen powers seeking to shape the world in its own image.

As a Christian, and a pastor for over 40 years, I know I can never really change the direction of the world, but I can help His children and those willing to listen to understand what’s happening behind the scenes. To see the big picture on how this generation is being manipulated to forget their original calling of God and to be sucked into a false narrative to fight against the opposition even if that completely changes their character making them just as bad in the eyes of a Holy God. A trespass is a trespass no matter which side is committing it. 1Those in power have already proven that they can take a ragtag group of so-called deplorable people and turn them into a powerful force to be reckoned with among the world’s elite. And this was accomplished through Social Media. I am not, at least at this point, referring to President Trump, whom I support and voted for. However, I do see the stage being set through the manipulating of voices on Social Media. It does not take much narrative, false or otherwise, to control and manipulate a very large segment of the population through Social Media.

As Christians we need great discernment to stop believing the lie or the false narrative. Stop believing every post that you read. Stop believing every video you watch. A good way to discern blog articles and videos is what are they trying to advertise with their pop-up ads? Is it sexual in nature or does their ad promote something contrary to sound doctrine? Moreover, don’t you realize that God’s Word is free and that it should never be peddled as merchandise?2 Don’t you know that God can raise up prophets and pastors to speak on things in society without you surfing through the internet discovering half-truths on your own?3 People have become masters at twisting the truth and making it a lie or taking a lie and making look like the gospel truth.4 If we can’t get past the third or fourth post on the Social Media news-feed without red flags going off, then we must realize that someone is passing on false narratives to be used by those in power and that will be used by the coming Antichrist. Remember it was Christ who instituted the Church giving authority to its leaders to give you everything you need for life and godliness.5

We must come out from among them while we can and the best place to begin is stop participating in their hateful rhetoric. Social media has robbed humanity of so very much, and of course, that was, the devil’s plans from the beginning.6 If he can change history by re-writing it, or change the narrative and make you believe it, then you will be led to fight against any opposing force. He may even lead you to persecute Christians on the other side, which has been seen throughout Christian history. You will be led to follow the new deliverer in accepting any new initiative or project coming in the future. He will fill up your minds with hateful rhetoric for the other side that will grow like a virus. I have been amazed at how easy people can attack others on Social Media because they did not align with their pitiful understanding of theology or world affairs. This is made easier because they are not talking to the other person face to face, in person. Primarily, because there is no longer Church authority, they have easily accepted whatever makes sense to them or what they have found on the internet to agree with them in their error.7

When Christians start getting their theology only from Social Media we are in deep trouble as a nation and as a people of God. Even the quoting of Scripture can be taken completely out of context to prove a false narrative. This break down of Biblical theology among God’s children allows them to easily assimilate false doctrine at an alarming rate on Social Media. If we are not grounded in our faith, then we will believe the lie.8 We say that we are against globalization, but we easily talk to other faiths and assimilate whatever makes sense even if disagrees with the clear teachings from God’s Word. Dear children, we really need to spend more time in the Bible developing our theology and allowing the indwelling Spirit to write it on our hearts.9 For the Christian their narrative should always be about Jesus Christ and the new life He promises, not to fill their heads with nonsense.10 Dear children, we all see the signs of His coming so let’s get busy now and make sure we are living the life that He has called us to.

We have given up so much to be tied to our cellphones and the Social Media platform. Although I too have developed a few select friends on Facebook, I spend much more time developing a personal relationship with my Lord. Let me encourage everyone to come out from the world and find a small group of friends or neighbors to share your life with. If possible, find a church home that still preaches the truth, a place where you can build meaningful relationships with real people you can converse with face to face, in person. Believe me, you will be much richer because of it. You will learn to be more sympathetic, more understanding, and more giving when you are looking at the person you are talking to. We were actually created for God and for one another.11 It’s a wonderful thing to actually read the other person’s body language when talking to them in person, to sense their feelings and to reach out and touch their hurts. Take time now, before time is no more, to develop a personal relationship with others and with God through personal prayer and meditation. Stand firm dear children, because the coming Antichrist will use Social Media and the internet to manipulate you to follow him.

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