Why Do I Still Believe in a World of Unbelief

Why Do I Still Believe in a World of Unbelief? (Video)

Why do I still believe in Jesus Christ in a world of growing unbelief? The short answer is, I would be horrified to face another day without Christ in my life. Although we are in the world and feel all the negative influences from the world, they are only momentary distractions having no lasting effect. We feel exactly what the world feels but it has no hold on us. Please read this very personal blog article culminating in 23 years of online ministry after serving previously as a pastor for many years. After watching the complete video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Still Believe in a World of Unbelief? (Video)”

  1. Enjoyed the program today. Thank you for using my song and video, “Lead Me”. Lord help us as Christians to stand firm!!!

    1. Lorraine, we are the ones that are truly blessed by your beautiful music and also enjoy having your songs played regularly on Tribulation Radio. Yes, we will stand firm together. God bless you my friend and partner in the Ministry.

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