Why Can't I Hear God?

Why Can’t I Hear God? (Video)

The inability to hear God is rather unsettling for those who claim to be believers and especially during a day when things just don’t seem to be working out as they had planned. It’s quite disturbing when everyone seems to have a different message from God concerning what’s happening to the world and more specifically what’s happening to humanity. Many are crying out, “Why can’t I hear God?” After watching the video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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One thought on “Why Can’t I Hear God? (Video)”

  1. I want to hear the LORD’S voice again. I did repent. My way is to walk with GOD graciously. Amen Amazing Grace! I am blessed to stumbled to you brother Daniel Blair. GOD bless you and may GOD’S grace be with every step you trod with Him on this journey.

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