Who is Taking Your Mind Captive

Who is Taking Your Mind Captive? (Video)

In today’s world, we have a new medium, no doubt designed by Satan himself, to hold the entire population’s thoughts captive to him. Each medium is saying come over here and follow me, from the professors of higher education to the news media, to Hollywood’s avalanche of movies, and to the algorithm of Social Media. We will examine how each of these mediums are holding your mind captive and how Jesus Christ’s call to follow Him exclusively will set you free to explore the endless possibilities of what your mind is capable of and the great joy of participating in His Kingdom work. Don’t miss the three amazing vocalists that will give you application to the truth in the video. After watching the video on my secure website, please share with others.

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8 thoughts on “Who is Taking Your Mind Captive? (Video)”

  1. Love Paula’s songs and Vickie Truett’s music. In all honesty, many people of all ages in this country, especially our young people, have little, if any, control of their own mind. Logical thought process seems to be nonexistent now.

    I come here through the internet because I need to cut my time on facebook. Thank You for playing the songs God gave me.

    1. Wow! So, happy to see you here my dear friend and brother in the Lord. Yes, I too try to cut back my time on Facebook, just primarily use for posting my articles, Tribulation Radio Shows, Daily Prayers, and News Brief, although I do try to answer all and minister as God leads. I so appreciate your wonderful singing, you are a true blessing to everyone at Tribulation Radio. Also, I agree with you about many of our young people and often think of them in my daily prayers posted here and on Facebook. God bless you Ed Hollyfield.

  2. BEAUTIFUL songs and singing Vickie Truett (“For Who You Are”) and Ed Hollyfield (“I’m Gonna Follow Jesus”)! And always Reverend Daniel Blair your message is TIMELY and MUCH NEEDED! PRAISE GOD ALWAYS!

    1. Thank you always for your wonderful words of encouragement, my dear friend. I so much agree, that we have some very wonderful vocalists that truly sing to the glory of God and you are one of them. Thank you, dear sister, for all that you do for Tribulation Radio, indeed you are a blessing.

  3. Thank you Reverend Daniel Blair for making the music video for my song (“Thou Will Keep Him In Perfect Peace”). You did a GREAT job! PRAISE GOD ALWAYS!

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