The virus, Vaccine, and God’s Truth

The Virus, Vaccine, and God’s Truth (Video)

What does God say? We have not done extensive research on the subject as scientists, doctors, and conspiracy theorists have done over this past year. On the other hand, we have turned to Almighty God, seeking His answers on this hotly debated subject. We come before God with a clean slate with no preconceptions and with no predetermined agenda. Our only interest is to receive the truth for God’s precious children and for the world at large if they are interested. After watching this very important video, please share it with others.

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2 thoughts on “The Virus, Vaccine, and God’s Truth (Video)”

  1. Reverend Blair, GREAT show. Ed Hollyfield’s song “I’m Gonna Follow Jesus” is always VERY encouraging to our hearts. Reverend Blair, Thank you for making the video for my song “All My Life I Live To Please You”. You really did a BEAUTIFUL job. May this show and all Tribulation Radio Shows GLORIFY GOD ALWAYS, encouraging others to ALWAYS STAND FIRM!

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