The Third Woe Ends the War

The Third Woe Ends the War (Video)

The war for the souls of mankind has been raging for over two thousand years. In my last two articles, we looked at the first two woes, demonstrating that they both began in the first century, even though their greatest effect upon fallen humanity wasn’t realized until the sixth century. Moreover, these two woes have progressively gotten worse through the centuries until the present day. Today, we will look at the third woe that corresponds with the seventh trumpet giving us a glimpse at the end from the beginning; a time of great rejoicing in heaven because the war has finally been won. After watching this heart-stopping video on my secure website, please share it with others

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  1. AWESOME show Reverend Blair! Thank you J Jo Fox for sharing your BEAUTIFUL song “Secret Place”. It is a BLESSING to have you join the Tribulation Radio team! Thank you Reverend Blair for making the video for my song “The End Times Song”. You did a GREAT job! May this show and all Tribulation Radio Shows GLORIFY GOD ALWAYS and encourage Christians to ALWAYS STAND FIRM!

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