The Seeds of Civil War

The Seeds of Civil War (Video)

The seeds of Civil War have been planted in the hearts of humanity for a very long time now. This article will examine how these seeds of Civil War have just started to blossom creating havoc and great misery in the world. When all the seeds of Civil War have shot forth to maturity it will be the greatest horror to have ever come upon the planet. After watching this important video on my secure website, please share with others.

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3 thoughts on “The Seeds of Civil War (Video)”

  1. GREAT show as usual Reverend Daniel Blair! Your shows are always VERY TIMELY and MUCH NEEDED! VERY MOVING songs and BEAUTIFUL singing by Lorraine Howard (“The Door of Hope”) and Cindy Tilkens (“Heal Our Land”)! PRAISE GOD ALWAYS for this show and ALL the shows on Tribulation Radio which help people STAND FIRM in a lost and dying world which SO DESPERATELY NEEDS GOD’S HOPE, ANSWERS, and SOLUTIONS!

    1. Thank you Paula for your wonderful throughout comments, always saying very nice things to encourage others. Indeed you and your singing is a true blessing to the Kingdom. God bless you and your special husband Danny.

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