The Depth of Evil is Exposed

The Depth of Evil is Exposed on the Left (Video)

It’s only been two years since many believers in Christ decided to support a new political leader, an outsider, who promised to disrupt the flow of history. For over sixty years it had pushed civilization to the left of center, first in our movies and entertainment then in our system of education to the masses. With our new leader, we embarked on a new journey to the far reaches of the right to overcome some of the greatest sins of our century. After watching this eye-opening and very important video on my secure website, please share with others.

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4 thoughts on “The Depth of Evil is Exposed on the Left (Video)”

  1. YES! The music video “Let’s Return to God” is OUTSTANDING! AMAZING LYRICS and PICTURES that tell it like it is in America! PRAISE GOD ALWAYS for Ed Hollyfield and Barry Baz Wiens! And PRAISE GOD ALWAYS also for Reverend Daniel Blair creating the video for “Do It For the Little Ones” a song which calls us to consider the IMPACT our choices will have on FUTURE generations! Ed Hollyfield, Gary Hardesty, Your beautiful songs GLORIFY THE LORD!

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