The Coming Out, to a New World

The Coming Out, to a New World (Video)

I wrote in my last article that when we finally come out of lockdown, we will be entering a new world. Looking beyond all the hype, the fake news, conspiracy theories, and false prophecies, what does God say? Is it even important that we know every detail of the emerging beast system destined to control the largest part of fallen humanity? After watching this eye-opening video on my secure website, then please share it with others.

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One thought on “The Coming Out, to a New World (Video)”

  1. WONDERFUL show Reverend Daniel Blair! Your messages from the Bible are ALWAYS timely and ENCOURAGING! Vickie Truett BEAUTIFUL delivery of the beloved hymn “Are You Washed in the Blood”! Reverend Daniel Blair thank you for using my song “Jesus You’re the Light of the World” on this show. It’s always a JOY and HONOR to sing on your shows and serve the Lord with you! May this show and ALL the Tribulation Radio shows ALWAYS GLORIFY GOD!

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