The Big Picture Will Shock You

The Big Picture Will Shock You (Video)

“We can’t see the forest for the trees;” this is an old saying that has lots of meaning in today’s world. People engaged in the day to day fight cannot see the big picture. People attempting to uncover every new conspiracy theory cannot see the big picture. People who are engrossed with their own problems, cannot see the big picture. The big picture will shock you and literally turn your world upside down. Only a true prophecy from the hand of God can allow you to see the big picture. After this eye-opening video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Picture Will Shock You (Video)”

  1. EYE- OPENING show Reverend Blair! Thank you Lorraine Graham Hucks Howard for sharing your AMAZING song “Satan’s Woods” which reminds us to be WARY of the many schemes the devil uses to try to ensnare us! Thank you Reverend Blair for making the video for my song “Cover My Life With Your Love”. You did a WONDERFUL job! May this show and all Tribulation Radio Shows ENCOURAGE Christians to STAND FIRM, ALWAYS GLORIFYING THE LORD!

    1. Thank you Paula for highlighting the importance of the vocalists on all the Tribulation Radio Shows that always gives honor and praise to our Mighty God and application to His message for the Church.

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