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Stand Firm Book Trailer (Video)

As we fast approach the end of days, we have seen an increase in terrorism, natural disasters, and anarchy, which has caused a drain on the world economy, loss of life, and property. It is causing global unrest and great anxiety among the world’s population. We have also seen an increase in psychological problems and an addiction to psychotropic drugs … has the whole world gone insane? We have seen pressure from the religious establishment to accept other belief systems in the name of tolerance paving the way to a new world order. We have seen an increase in demonic activity. Christians must learn how to stand firm against the powerful forces arrayed against them and they must do it now while they still has a chance to make a choice. Weak and wobbly Christians will be no match for the satanic forces unleashed upon the world. The book Stand Firm offers godly counsel for the last days. “Stand Firm” is available in hardcover and in paperback at my secure online bookstore.

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