Prepare Now for the Coming Persecution

Prepare Now for the Coming Persecution (Video)

If you believe that God will allow you to escape the coming persecution, then why did Jesus Christ bother telling us how we should prepare? So, contrary to what many think, we still need to prepare, because it can come unexpectedly with little warning. It will be so quick that most will be caught off guard. If we are not prepared by utilizing the clear instructions from His Word then it will be a most grievous occasion, sending most into full panic mode, horrifying fear and lasting depression. So, let’s look at the anointed words of Christ in the Bible … After watching the video on my secure website, please share with others.

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2 thoughts on “Prepare Now for the Coming Persecution (Video)”

  1. From Australia I’ve just found this site, we are going into our Australian Federal Elections this month. We are a very broken Nation. There are so many Christians in prayer and fasting right now here in Australia for Our Redeemer JESUS CHRIST to help us in praying for the right Prime Minister to lead us in Justice and Righteousness. So upon finding you, your Devotionals are a great tool and blessing for me for the Month Of May and beyond to our LORDS Return. Thankyou and May GOD BLESS this Ministry. ???✝️???

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