Only God Can Lift the Veil

Only God Can Lift the Veil (Video)

Only God can lift the veil on what’s really happening in the world. The President can’t do it. The News Services can’t do it. Preachers and prophets can’t do it, only God can lift the veil on what’s really happening in the world. We are not coming before you with what we think we know; we are only coming before you with clean hands and a pure heart. We are waiting patiently for God to speak and tell us what’s really happening in the world. Thus, says the LORD …After viewing this eye-opening video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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3 thoughts on “Only God Can Lift the Veil (Video)”

  1. Very encouraging and true. Thank you ! Praying always . Looking for the soon return of our Savior !!!

  2. POWERFUL show as usual Reverend Daniel Blair! Cindy Tilkens Jennings your song “Whom Shall I Fear” is BEAUTIFUL and ALWAYS ENCOURAGING! Thank you Reverend Daniel Blair for making the video for my song “Lord Help Me Honor You”. You did an AWESOME job! GLORY TO GOD ALWAYS for this show and ALL Tribulation Radio Shows!

    1. Dear Paula, I always appreciate your beautiful words of encouragement to me and the other vocalists on the Radio Show. You too, do a wonderful job as you always seek to sing to the glory of God. God bless you and thank you for your comment.

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