Learn the Path to Perfection in A World Full of Hate

Learn the Path to Perfection in A World Full of Hate (Video)

So, how can we, “Learn the path to perfection in a world full of hate.” I believe there is a great desire to be perfect. We have always wanted the perfect haircut, the perfect set of clothes or the perfect marriage. It is in our human nature to want perfection. Yet, it’s a proven fact that very few find it and now we live in a day where most no longer desire it. Many, on the other hand, desires selfish power and control over others which has turned them into very hateful people. In a world full of bullies, antagonists and mean-spirited people there is no wonder that the world is so divided. Stay tuned for three amazing vocalists putting feet to our message. After watching the video please share with others.


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One thought on “Learn the Path to Perfection in A World Full of Hate (Video)”

  1. So precious , how great it is …Give thanks to the LORD , for he is good ; his love endures forever .In my anguish I cried to the LORD , and he answered by setting me free . The LORD is with me ; I’ll not be afraid . What can man do to me ? The LORD is with me ; he is my helper . I’ll look in triumph on my enemies . PS 118:1; 5-7 .

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