His Woe is Coming Quickly!

His Woe is Coming Quickly! (Video)

Woe, woe, woe is a constant refrain that we hear in the last book of the Bible. When we read it, we think of God saying, “this is it!” Or saying, “this is the last straw for you have just passed over the proverbial red line.” This happened once before in biblical history when God raised His prophets of old to speak to the nation of Israel. God had warned His children … After watching the video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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6 thoughts on “His Woe is Coming Quickly! (Video)”

  1. Your blogs are such an inspiration for us to stand firm. The times have changed so quickly. Most Christians do not understand how deep we have already descended into an anti-God and anti-biblical society. There is serious pent-up hatred for anyone who still truly believes all the Bible teaches. Amidst all this, so many Christians are still clinging to the world system in so many ways. Thank you for preaching the truth about where we are going, what Christians will likely face, and the pseudo religion/science Psychiatry.

  2. POWERFUL show as usual Reverend Daniel Blair! Ed Hollyfield, I ALWAYS LOVE your songs and singing! Your song I’m Gonna Follow Jesus tells it like it is! Many want this world and the things in it. They want the world AND Jesus. But Jesus said you CANNOT serve 2 masters. He wants us to follow Him alone. That is the ONLY WAY we will make it into Heaven! Follow HIM ALONE! Thank you Reverend Daniel Blair for making the video for my song Cover My Life With Your Love. You did a BEAUTIFUL job! May this show and ALL the shows on Tribulation Radio ALWAYS HONOR GOD!

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