Christian Soldiers It's Time to Fight Back

Christian Soldiers It’s Time to Fight Back (Video)

Evil has gone unchecked for way too long in this country and around the world. It’s time. Christian soldiers it’s time to fight back. If we don’t all will be lost. It’s not the Muslims we should fear. It’s not North Korea or Iran. It is the evil one who is waging war against the hearts of men and women, and winning the war. Step by step he is taking the entire world captive to perform every evil intention of their mind. To strip them of all morality and the sense of right and wrong. To lead them into every manner of perversion and wickedness. Featuring Ed Hollyfield, Lynda Sturdevant, and Paula Disbrow singing on the show. After watching this video on my secure website, please share with others.

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    1. Thank you my dear friend Betty for your comment. Yes, I think we are just seeing the beginning of the major persecution of Christians for the modern times. God help us to stand firm. God bless and protect your family.

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