Can We Deal with an Economic Disaster

Can We Deal with an Economic Disaster? (Video)

Most of us can see the signs that the world is approaching a meltdown. From greedy and dishonest political leadership to an increasingly hostile environment and all manner of wickedness, most of us can see the grim future ahead. We can also see how greed in the manufacturing of products are designed not to last. Some of us can also see that much of the food produced today is destroying our health making us prime candidates for the drug industry. Most of us can see with our eyes that the economic system is ready to collapse casting the entire world into poverty. After watching the video on my secure website, please share with others.

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7 thoughts on “Can We Deal with an Economic Disaster? (Video)”

  1. Thank you Reverend Daniel Blair for making the video for my song God’s Plan For You. May it ALWAYS GLORIFY THE LORD and ENCOURAGE CHRISTIANS to REMEMBER God’s plans for us are GOOD! That we should ALWAYS TRUST IN HIM!

  2. Another GREAT show! Filled with PRACTICAL ADVICE and CONCRETE STEPS we can take to PREPARE for the Great Tribulation or COMING economic collapse. VERY ENCOURAGING, VERY BEAUTIFUL music dear Vickie Truett and dear Ed Hollyfield! People will LOVE listening to Vickie’s “Blessed Redeemer” and Ed’s “He Always Has Time For Me”. PRAISE GOD ALWAYS for this show!

      1. You’re most welcome Reverend Daniel Blair. It is a JOY and PRIVELEDGE to serve the Lord with you. God bless your SPIRIT LED ministries always.

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