Trump’s Peace Plan for Israel

As the new President Elect Donald Trump is inaugurated in a few days will he eventually win the hearts and minds of all the people? Will he be the standard bearer for all the Western countries? And more importantly will he be able to bring peace to the nation of Israel? Yes, I believe he can and will if he succeeds in following through on his rhetoric of building the strongest and most feared military in the world along with nuclear superiority unmatched by any. He will not be dragged down by every little war on the planet as was the case with ancient Rome and previous administrations. Nor will he be bothered by meaningless Intelligence briefings in areas of little concern for his overall policy. On the other hand, he will give full latitude to such countries like Russia and Turkey to settle their own regional disputes over territory or religious differences in the Middle East. For too long now America has played and paid the part of the world policeman, at times pulling out when things got totally out of control thus gaining the disdain or hatred from the people we promised to help. I can assure you Mr. Trump will change this failed policy allowing him to keep the resources for the building up of this nation both militarily and economically. Furthermore, if his rhetoric holds true concerning rebuilding a nation teetering on excessive debt, crumbling infrastructure, mass (real) unemployment, and seriously lacking in industry then he will have all the resources he needs to exert his power upon the global stage, which is very important if he wants to bring peace to the nation of Israel.

Mr. Trump’s strong rhetoric against Islamic invasion has already had a profound effect upon other countries in the West who are now more actively seeking to take back their individual countries against the liberal mindset of globalization for the sake of their traditions and religious values. Christians are already marching in England standing toe to toe with Muslims in that country who are making alarming statements like, “this is now our country and you (the English) need to leave. In fact, the people all over Europe are now marching against this incursion of Muslim refugees that have destroyed their towns, raped their women, and performed horrible acts of terrorism. The sense is, if they don’t won’t to fully integrate into the social norms of the host country and obey the laws of the host country, then allow them to return to the Middle East from which they came. Allow them to be policed and controlled by their own kind with the harsh and inhuman judgments of Sharia Law. Only the liberal globalist has cried against this new mindset of the West and particularly here in America, but in time they too will change when they begin to enjoy the comfort and security established by the new administration of President Elect Donald Trump. I have already spoken about “The New Globalist” for which Mr. Trump has already become bringing economic prosperity and military superiority to the United States of America.

In three days, we will have a new president of the United States of America. Nothing can stop that. So, it is time to get aboard and support the good things that Mr. Trump is hoping to accomplish in the new administration. Peace for Israel. Every president in that past 40 years has tried to accomplish this, often referred to as the “two state solution.” The framework of this solution is set out in UN resolutions on the “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine”, going back to 1974. Well, maybe that is not what God wants for the nation of Israel. Perhaps He does want a unified Israel with all her inhabitants, including the Palestinian (consisting of Christians, adherents to other world religions, and Muslims). Israel has done everything to extend its love and acceptance to all people, all religions, and all people groups that want to recognize her right to exist as nation.

I honestly believe that they could live in peace with one another in the same State if they would only accept the fact that God established the nation of Israel for the Jewish people nearly 1900 years before the Muslims ever conquered and occupied Palestine. As a Christian who understands God’s prophetic timeline, it’s time to allow the Jewish people to occupy the entire nation of Israel geographically bringing about peace amongst all her people. Jerusalem will always be seen as the Capital of Israel, designated as its Capitol nearly three thousand years ago, by King David, for the Jewish people and all of her residents who choose to live there, no matter their personal heritage or religious beliefs. The old globalist and the liberal left need to get out of the way and allow President Trump to put his peace plan into effect. Simply put this peace plan will do much more than just making veiled statements that we are standing with Israel. It will in fact allow Israel to occupy her entire nation geographically with her settlements and governing power to be shared in some degree with the Palestinians wishing to cooperate.

So, what about all the Muslim countries that surround the nation of Israel calling for its destruction? Will they sit idly by and allow Mr. Trump’s peace plan to move forward? The simple answer is yes, because they will know that they cannot pull him into a protracted war or limited engagements like previous administrations. On the other hand, I prophesy that only one statement will be offered by Mr. Trump, “Come against Israel or try to unravel this peace plan and you will face the full military might of the United States not limiting the use of first strike nuclear weapons.” I can assure you that this peace plan will move forward as a one State solution keeping all those who wish to remain and ejecting those who will not cooperate or continue their lawless behavior against the nation of Israel. This peace will remain in effect for the foreseeable future until at which time the united Kings of the East think that they can take their stand against Israel and the most powerful nation in the world. And from a prophetic timeline that would bring about Armageddon.

Let us pray that this peace will open the eyes of the nation of Israel to their true Deliverer, Jesus Christ thus fulfilling the prophecy that all Israel will be saved. Let us pray that every Christian in this country, in the Middle East, and around the world will support this peace plan standing against those who oppose it. Let every Christian lift their voice so that it can be heard around the world, that they will stand with Israel even if it’s against their denomination, their political affiliation, their nations Islamic dominance, or their nations other religious dogma. I call on all Christians everywhere to stand with the nation of Israel in her final hour or be ready to explain to God why you have chosen not to do so. I stand with the nation of Israel to recover all her land and make Jerusalem her Capitol once again. Amen

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