Trump's Endgame - Checkmate

Trump’s Endgame: Checkmate

The world rulers have been quite busy putting all its ideological pieces into place in this country and on the world stage, once accomplished, then checkmate. If we have had our spiritual eyes open, then we would see that many different policies that are being made ready to put into place, are necessary to win the hearts and minds of all the people. I believe that this has already started with the Christian community and will eventually include all people, even the liberal left. This is not a total draconian measure to enslave the population or allow it to slip into poverty, neglect, or division. On the other hand, it will look to reward the population for following its new policies. It will reward them with new and better jobs, better homes, and more freedom to enjoy the luxuries of life in a safe environment. With increased security measures and a robust military everyone will feel safer and step by step the hearts and minds of all the people will be won giving the new Administration its customary praise and allegiance. So, let’s briefly examine each of these ideological pieces and how they will all be put into place in the near future.

The first ideological piece to be put into place is becoming the strongest and most feared nation in the world. With the election of Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States it has rendered a serious blow to the old Globalist and championed a new voice for Nationalism. If the campaign rhetoric holds true there will be a much stronger and more robust military to extend its power, but limit its presence in the world’s many civil wars and those nations who squabble over territorial rights, and religious or secretarial differences. Open borders and free trade will be curtailed to equalize a larger benefit to a nation that looks to rebuild itself as the richest and most powerful nation on the earth. But don’t think for one minute that this will turn into quasi isolationism. The new Globalist will indeed exercise his power over all the nations both militarily and economically expanding, not limiting, trade and intercourse for the nation’s best interest. For now, there will be a new Globalist setting up his new kingdom creating euphoria amongst a people who has suffered long economically under the old Globalist. This new measure under President Donald J. Trump will win the hearts and minds of all the people creating unity, and for this we will praise God.

The second ideological piece that needs to be put into place, which we talked about last week is the coming peace to Israel, not out of a failed “Two State Solution,” but out of strength and determination. The old globalist and the liberal left need to get out of the way and allow President Donald J. Trump to put his peace plan into effect. Simply put this peace plan will do much more than just making veiled statements that we are standing with Israel. It will in fact allow Israel to occupy her entire nation geographically with her settlements and governing power to be shared in some degree with the Palestinians wishing to cooperate.

So, what about all the Muslim countries that surround the nation of Israel calling for its destruction? Will they sit idly by and allow President Trump’s peace plan to move forward? The simple answer is yes, because they will know that they cannot pull him into a protracted war or limited engagements like previous administrations. On the other hand, I prophesy that only one statement will be offered by President Donald J. Trump, “Come against Israel or try to unravel this peace plan and you will face the full military might of the United States not limiting the use of first strike nuclear weapons.” I can assure you that this peace plan will move forward as a “One State Solution” keeping all those who wish to remain and ejecting those who will not cooperate or continue their lawless behavior against the nation of Israel. This peace will remain in effect for the foreseeable future until at which time the united Kings of the East think that they can take their stand against the most powerful nation in the world. And from a prophetic timeline that would bring about Armageddon. But for now, this will win the hearts and minds of all the people creating unity especially among those who stand with Israel, and for this too we will praise God.

The next ideological piece to be put into place is the regulation of free news to combat fake news. Those in world leadership are starting to see that “fake news” is a shortcoming and are now more aggressively feeding the public with the many dangers that come from unregulated news and runaway commentators, which they call fake news or conspiracy theories, even ruthlessly attacking our larger media outlets, like CNN. Clearly, unless its endorsed by those in power as being the truth then it will be rebuffed leading to even more confusion among the population, leading most to question what’s being reported. So, the first step, is to regulate all news sites enforcing them to use only what comes through a gatekeeper. There has always been a gatekeeper to some extent, but they have allowed journalist to prove or disprove it by going way beyond just reporting the facts to stating their own opinion. Also, many journalist have taken the liberty to misreport an event by withholding valuable information or even adding to it. Unfortunately, it is the talking heads on news media that has really divided this country. It is them who needs to take responsibility for the division. But that will all change once this next ideological piece is put into place.

Although this is a good thing to monitor and regulate the news media that allows commentators to purposely report lies or fake news, it can become very dangerous in the future if it restricts all forms of dissent or public opinion. To do so could allow the present or future administrations to deceive the people though strictly regulated news. Once all news sites, liberal, conservative, and conspiracy theorist have been regulated then it will make it possible for a world-wide deception to come into full bloom leading everyone step by step to accept its reporting as the gospel truth. Beware of those who will regulate all news in whatever form it takes to deceive the entire world. There simply can’t be any voices of dissent. There simply cannot be any opposing opinions. Thanks to Mr. Obama we have given up our right to manage the Internet to the globalist, which in time could keep us from freely expressing our opposing views through this medium. The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Deception will eventually overtake the entire world, but the hearts and minds of the all people will be won. We pray that President Donald J. Trump will never allow it to get this far on his watch.

The third ideological piece to be put into place will deal with the growing immigration problem. I have already written briefly about the coming mark to deal with out of control immigration. Taking the mark (or an implant) will make perfect sense to the masses. This will be billed as the ultimate security measure for our protection. As we shall see it will protect us more than building the wall on our Southern border and more than rebuilding our military. It will begin with a simple two-step process to curb the immigration problem. In the first step, it will become unanimous that one common sense way to solve the immigration problem is through extreme vetting for all those already living here and for those wanting to come to America, which is already being discussed by many in power. There will be no large-scale deportation.

Then secondly those in leadership may convince President Trump that it would be prudent to implant all illegal immigrants, if they wish to stay in the country, so that they can be tracked. No longer will they ever be lost in the system, but given confidence that they will be watched for their protection, and should not be seen as an invasion of their privacy. This of course allows them to plug into all that America has to offer from eating to selling and everything in between. Sound familiar! Once all the immigrants have been implanted then it only makes perfect sense to implant everyone with a criminal record, perhaps starting with the lawless immigrants. But wait! They’re not through yet. How about those mass killings done by those psychologically unbalanced or emotionally disturbed? Perhaps something needs to be done about them. It only seems reasonable. Right? Therefore, most will agree that they also need to be implanted. This too would get the full support of all the people for no one wants these crazies walking the streets of America without being monitored. However, what most are missing is at this very time laws are being considered to psychoanalyze every citizen in America. Again, most will not have a problem with this simple procedure until it’s discovered, too late I might add, that nearly all are being required to have an implant as psychologically impaired. Yet, the hearts and minds of all the people will be won as the country is being unified. We pray that President Donald J. Trump will never allow it to go this far trampling on the rights of his core supporters who will resist any kind of mark or implant.

Before we proceed let’s be clear once again what checkmate is and what it’s not. It is not a total draconian measure to enslave the population or allow it to slip into poverty, neglect, or division. Nor is it a measure that would lead to continuous wars. On the other hand, it is peace and prosperity for all citizens who are willing to accept its new measures put into place by the new world leaders. I prophesy that most everyone in time will gladly accept these new measures. In fact, they will praise the establishment for lifting them out of poverty by giving them affordable health care and good paying jobs for which they will be trained. They will praise the establishment for having news services that they can trust to broadcast only the truth. They will praise the establishment for peace and safety in a world still fragmented by hostile groups seeking to export their terror. They will praise the establishment for embracing all immigrants who are willing to be monitored and trained to become good citizens in the Republic. They will praise the establishment for finally bringing peace to the nation of Israel. They will praise the establishment for monitoring those who have been determined to be psychologically or emotionally unfit. They will praise the establishment for a unified country with very little division.

Step by step all ideological pieces will be put into place being careful to bring along not only the supporters, but all people in the new Republic. So why have I called this, “Trump’s Endgame: Checkmate?” Simply put to win the hearts and minds of all the people, which is not necessarily a bad thing unless you disagree with his policies and refuse to follow them. For those I am afraid they will be ruled by a stronger and more aggressive law enforcement given full backing by our new President Donald J. Trump, but relatively speaking the numbers will be very small. There will no longer be a divided nation, but a united country, for all minds and hearts will be won. Checkmate.

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