Tribulation Radio

Tribulation Radio

Tribulation Radio broadcast daily from my website 24/7 to encourage the faithful remnant living in the Last Days. Listen to Christian Contemporary, Spiritual, Messianic, and Gospel Music, prayers, Tribulation Radio Shows, Nightly News, and much more to help you stand firm. (Licensed by ASCAP)

So what’s an eyeReporter? This is where you can let your voice be heard on Tribulation Radio. Many of our struggles are not covered by the media. We want to hear from you by giving us a firsthand report so that our listeners can pray for you.


Theatrical Scripture Reading
Show - CAPA Series
The Apostasy Exposed
Show - Final Warning Series
Destruction of the NWO - Part I
Nightly News "Let Your Voice be Heard"
Theatrical Reading of Revelation
Show - World Events Series
Shelter in Place an Enigma in Disguise
Theatrical Scripture Reading

All times are in Central Time Zone.

Let me encourage you to listen to each of the Tribulation Radio Show Series written and recorded specifically to help you to stand firm during the Tribulation. Along with local artists Paula Disbrow, Cindy Tilkens Jennings (Songbirdcindy), Ed Hollyfield, Lynda Sturdevant, and Vickie Truett we have added other Spirit filled artist that you will easily recognize to encourage and exhort through the gift of music. Prayers and Scripture reading are by Rev. Daniel W. Blair. In the near future, we will be inviting other Spirit filled pastors to minister to us on the radio.


Introduction to Tribulation Radio Shows
Welcome to Standing Firm Tribulation Radio broadcasting the truth in the Last Days. Giving commentary to the latest news, encouraging the faithful remnant through God’s Word to help you stand firm. This is a world-wide ministry to all of God’s children of which many are currently undergoing intense persecution, while others are facing an onslaught demonic activity, extreme weather and catastrophic disasters. You are listening to Tribulation Radio.


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