To the Leaders of Israel

To The Leaders of Israel

I feel your pain and anguish from the vicious attacks of the terrorist group called Hamas. It has cut deep into your collective body. Now you are faced with a dilemma that has alarmed the entire world bringing their military power upon your borders. They are alarmed by the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip where many innocent civilians are dying needlessly because they have been caged up without water, food, and necessary medical supplies. They are alarmed because it could widen the conflict with your other neighbors causing a greater catastrophe and the fulfillment of prophecy outlined in my last article, Why Bother Reading This Article.” I believe that you too see the great dilemma of cutting out the virus without damaging the whole body. How can you suppress or eradicate those who are bent on your own eradication or annihilation? There is a simple solution that will take a great deal of faith and time. Hearts and minds in Gaza must be changed (as well as those in the West Bank). Airdrop food and supplies in Gaza, clearly marked as from you, to care for those who have escaped to the South, along with restoring both water and power immediately for this will demonstrate your love for your neighbors. The civilian population should not be collectively judged for the actions of their unrighteous leaders. Continue to work with Egypt to allow the foreign nationals to leave Gaza. You must give place for God’s wrath who will eliminate this evil virus from Gaza by turning the hearts and minds of every citizen to live in harmony with their Northern neighbor Israel. Above all continue to pray that every hostage will be released when their captors realize that the civilian population is turning away from them and their desire for war and terror and begin to embrace peace with the nation of Israel. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9). Demonstrate to the whole world that you are the children of God.

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2 thoughts on “To The Leaders of Israel”

  1. Yes, this makes absolute sense! This is what must be done now to care for the innocent ones, because the civilians are innocent victims in all of this.
    Sadly, the Hamas are using the civilians as a shield to their wicked endeavors: Even though they deny it, that is exactly what they are doing; And, the precious lives of their own people, clearly, do not matter to them.
    The original attacks against Israel NEVER should have happened in the first place: You never attack a SLEEPING LION and not expect to have your rightly deserved consequences come back to bite you. You, with hate and heartless fury struck first, with no respect for innocent lives… and now “Yes, the lion is furious.”

    1. Thank you for your comment my dear sister in the Lord. I kept the article short so that more people would read it and pray for Israel, it is a most difficult situation for them. May God have mercy.

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