To the Christians Living in America

To the Christians Living in America

Thus, saith the Lord. You are seeing through a glass darkly; things are not what they appear. There are only two kinds of people in the world, those who have the light and those who are filled with darkness. Darkness has invaded your world and has filled people of every race, color, and creed. It has filled both the religious and the non-religious. It has even filled most of your political leaders, even those who claim to know me. Things are not what they appear. You have witnessed how the whole world has grown more dark giving heed to their many immoral thoughts leading them into every manner of wickedness. What many do, who claim to be righteous, they do behind closed doors or under the cover of night. Things are not what they appear. You, oh son, have witnessed the increase in lawlessness that is covering your land and consuming everything in its path. I call upon you to be a witness to those who claim to be righteous but are filled with darkness allowing their thoughts to control their unholy actions.

Call forth the remnant who have their minds and hearts stayed upon me; those who are not chasing the latest conspiracy theories, or the many false prophecies spawned by the evil one. Call them out from those who are consumed by darkness leading them in one direction and then another. Call them out from their general assemblies to meet alone with me in their prayer closets or in smaller fellowship groups who have rejected the darkness and are only embracing the light of my glory. Let them fellowship with those who have made a commitment to grow up spiritually from one degree of glory to another. Let them all aim for transformation in Christ by walking only in my statutes and commandments. As children of the light, they have already rejected all the teachings from the world on how to live a fulfilled life and even their advice on how to live a bountiful life in Christ. Darkness has invaded the churches of man because they have embraced all the godless teachings of the world. As children of light, they must come out from the darkness before it’s too late.

The powerful delusion sent by God has already fallen upon the world causing them to believe the lie because they have rejected the truth. The Great Apostasy has already begun filling the land with its many lies about the things to come. Remember, dear children the entire world will worship the dragon, Satan, who gives his power to the Beast or the Antichrist to rule over the hearts and minds of fallen humanity. Those in darkness will try and convince you that you have more time. They will tell you that it’s possible to overcome the darkness by electing the right leaders and reversing many of the immoral things that your country has embraced for many years. Remember, things are not what they appear for darkness has filled your land along with your leaders both political and religious. Come out from among them now or experience the full wrath being poured out on all unrighteousness. The time is short. The trumpets are sounding, and the bowls of God’s wrath are getting ready to be poured out. Come out from among them, dear children, for things, are not what they appear.

The next thing on the horizon is the revealing of the man of lawlessness, so please see my previous article about the coming man of lawlessness, “The World’s Preparing for a Savior” on this secure website.

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4 thoughts on “To the Christians Living in America”

  1. Dear Brother, it may not be possible to overcome the darkness by electing the right leaders and reversing many of the immoral things that our country has embraced for many years, but what is to be said for us if we don’t at least try?
    God bless your heart!

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