Thinking God's Thoughts After Him

Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him

My greatest desire is to think God’s thoughts after Him. Our minds are so cluttered with the thoughts of the world, receiving new information at the speed of light, it’s most difficult to even hear only God’s thoughts. So, the process must begin with emptying our minds of meaningless thoughts that are casting us in one direction, then another. We must stop the endless flow of information coming in from the world. These thoughts come from many different sources. They come from Television to 24-hour cable news, and from social media to everyone expressing their own opinion. This information comes from books of so-called higher learning to endless searches on the internet, and from the latest popular videos to artificial intelligence, all who claim to have the answers to man’s dilemma. We are living in a sea of information filling our minds with scientific and expert information that’s constantly changing. We can’t all become monks and withdraw completely from the world, but we can be more selective to the point of cutting back ninety percent of the information flow. Although this would empty our minds of volumes of meaningless, contradictory, and changing information, it would not completely solve the problem. Vain imaginations would quickly take root prodded by the powers of darkness.

We have written at length in previous articles on how to stand against the powers of darkness by casting out unwanted thoughts and vain imaginations immediately. This is essential if we are serious about thinking God’s thoughts after Him. Although the Bible makes it clear that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, it does not keep us from following after His thoughts and thinking them after Him (Isaiah 55:8). What an amazing experience to think about people the way God does in pure love. God’s thoughts are so separate from the world that they are not tarnished with bad memories, unforgiveness, or a judgmental attitude. Furthermore, God’s thoughts about the world are amazingly different than our thoughts. The world misses the big picture. God’s thoughts transcend the earthly squabbles about the methodologies of governing and the prideful posturing of their political leaders. God sees the big picture in the inevitable outcome of mankind’s bad choices. God observes the thousands upon thousands of souls every day ascend from the planet, at the moment of their earthly deaths, either headed for judgment or being escorted joyously by the Holy Spirit to their heavenly home. It deeply breaks the heart of God to see so many inundated by the information from the world yet miss the pure Gospel of Salvation (Romans 1:16). God’s thoughts are about the hearts of mankind knowing that only His love manifested through His children can make a real difference in their hearts.

As the whole world continues in its unhinged hate for one another spawning one war after another, they are moving ever closer to oblivion. The world is ripe for the Antichrist to arise and bring forth his image to force everyone to agree (Revelation 13:15). No more opinions will be allowed outside the accepted teachings of the Antichrist, which will be put forth in his image that is made to speak and cause all those who resist his teachings to be incarcerated or put to death. This image could very well be artificial general intelligence (AGI). This is already seen by the elite as a true savior of humanity. It will be seen as a savior because the world has finally realized that all the different opinions are dividing one nation after another and even destroying some from within much like ancient Rome. When the world is on the verge of total collapse because of the outrageous hostility against one another, then most will see this image of the beast or AGI as more than just a viable option. Listening to God and thinking His thoughts after Him will be seen as an ancient philosophy no longer valid for the modern world. Those who continue their quest in listening only to God so that they can think God’s thoughts after Him will be seen as a threat to national security or the world’s security. This will cause worldwide persecution with many suddenly denying their faith to escape persecution.

Listening to only God works wonders when we have a clean slate and hold only onto the foundational teachings from the Holy Bible. God never changes His anointed Word, but He does shine His heavenly light into them to see something that we had never seen before. Often this is prefaced by many hours of deep prayer and meditation like the saints of old. I have many memories of having read a certain Scripture text many times in the past but never have I seen the full meaning before. It’s like entering into a depth or height that you had never thought possible. It’s like looking at a one-dimensional object and suddenly seeing it in its three-dimensional form. The Bible says, “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God” (Ephesians 3:17-19). This is the love of Christ that opens our minds to think God’s thoughts after Him, to explore the amazing possibilities of God’s love working through us. This is truly being “filled with the fulness of God.” We soon discover that God’s thoughts are so other-centered that it breathes a whole new wonderful life into us, way beyond what we had only perceived as self-giving love. This love passes knowledge because it discovers the real needs of others and follows God in addressing the depth of those needs.

This is exactly the love that Christ demonstrated time and again as He walked amongst us. Nearly every time He approached someone, He looked deeply into their hearts to determine their real needs. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was thinking the thoughts after His Father in Heaven. Dear children, we are called to do the same, we have the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16). The deepest need of humanity is being loved, which is only possible through the Cross. The Cross of Calvary is the deepest expression of love in the entire universe. Yes, there are other real needs, but they cannot be properly met apart from fulfilling their greatest need. Their greatest need will remove the barrier between God and mankind. God will remove the barrier of sin through forgiveness so that we can experience our greatest need, which is love. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16-17). When we think God’s thoughts after Him, we suddenly see everyone in a different light including our enemies and even the other political party. Real peace is never possible without love, so until the world finds love for one another, it will continue to fracture and divide into open hostilities. We have a choice; we can receive and give God’s love to others, or we can adhere to the worldwide demands of the coming Antichrist and his image (AGI). I choose the former and will think God’s thoughts after Him.

In conclusion, Jesus Christ and His followers did not spend all their time fighting against the political establishment, neither in Jerusalem nor in Rome (Matthew 22:15-22). However, they did spend time and effort separating the wheat from the tares within the religious community by pointing out their errors. Separating the wheat today, the true followers of Christ, from the tares, those who are following the world allowing it to change them irrevocably, is essential. They must be shown that changing political leadership, writing new laws, and using the weapons of this world will not change anything. Furthermore, the belief that America can be retaken by force, through rising up, using the weapons of this world, and employing hateful and demeaning rhetoric against the other side, will not be effective. We must speak to their hearts in love. The world must witness the great hope in us that’s so different from the fallen world, a hope that is so grandiose that it will humble them before the Father and cause them to repent of their worldly perversions. If we could only imagine the majesty of this hope that could turn a cruel and lawless world into a virtual paradise. This hope becomes an amazing reality by embracing the Spirit and allowing God’s love to flow unhindered through us, which fulfills all the commands on loving others and on non-retaliation. Imagine, if you will, everyone turning the other cheek, settling amicably when challenged in court, going the extra mile, and giving to those who ask (Matthew 5:38-42). When we have the mind of Christ, then God’s love will flow through us like beautiful heavenly music touching the very hearts of humanity.Cellphone Users

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