The Unshakeable Kingdom

The Unshakable Kingdom

We live in a day where we see a new kingdom being built. All the great minds and the most learned professors have come together to build a new kingdom, the kingdom of man. To them and the rest of the world, the Kingdom of God is old, it’s outdated, and needs to be replaced with new ideas. They say we have come of age and no longer need the commandments of religion to show us how to live. They say we have the greatest professors of psychiatry and volumes of every psychological disorder known to man. They say everything is at our fingertips to build the greatest empire known to man. So confident they are, that they are willing to embrace everyone’s thoughts and actions as valid expressions of a new world order. They will happily recognize all world religions as equal as long each are willing to embrace the new kingdom. They graciously accept every race equally as long as they follow the rules enacted by the kingdom of man. They throw down the walls and accept every foreigner enthusiastically giving them citizenship and a seat at the table. In the new kingdom of man, every expression of morality is openly accepted. So, laws and statutes are being changed at the speed of light to usher in the new kingdom and discard the old.

Well, my dear friends, there is another Kingdom, that is not made by the hands of man. This Kingdom was created in heaven and made available to the entire world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Since the beginning mankind and the powers of darkness have tried desperately to erase God’s Kingdom from the face of the earth. More than any other religion upon the planet, Christianity has endured horrific persecution from heathen empires and other world religions, which bring forth horrible visions of beheadings and the casting of entire families to the lions. It has also endured the inquisitions from the Catholic Church sending many to an early grave or subjecting their bodies to torturous mutilation. The unshakeable Kingdom has suffered greatly from the humanistic teachings of psychology casting a large shadow over the sufficiency of Scripture sending millions to a life of misery. It has suffered greatly under the influence of science bringing into question the majesty and authority of the Holy Bible producing even greater confusion. As the winds blow and the earth shakes the unshakable Kingdom remains unaffected by the fallen world. It remains unaffected by the outpouring of God’s righteous wrath on an unrepentant world.

So, why was the Kingdom not destroyed? Its citizens possess something the world does not have. They have something that was rejected by the world. The people of every race and nationality who have entered this Kingdom are given something the world cannot see or understand unless their eyes are opened by faith. Many from the fallen world have tried and have failed miserably because they did not want to let go. They did not want to let go of all the knowledge that they had assimilated from the world. They did not want to let go of their own powerful will to do whatever they thought best. They did not want to let go of their own proven ability to perform whatever tasks they set their minds on to accomplish. We see all this and much more in people today, who are busy building the new kingdom of man. It makes little difference which political party or national interest they serve, for they are all committed to using their resources to accomplish the same goal, to build a kingdom without God at the helm. This kingdom of man will fail, and great will be her fall. On the other hand, God’s Kingdom will remain as the unshakable Kingdom.

So, what do these citizens of God’s Kingdom possess that the world doesn’t have? The simple answer is nothing. They have become nothing so that they could become everything in Christ. They have happily accepted the powerful grace of God, which takes them by the hand and demonstrates how to become totally dependent upon Christ for everything. This is so opposite from living in the world who has learned well to depend on oneself for everything. The kingdom of man has taught them all too well that all the information they need for all of their problems is at their fingertips made available by the internet or from the world’s counselors. On the other hand, what a glorious journey it is to put our trust in Christ alone. How marvelous to be filled with His Spirit through faith believing that we now belong to Christ and immediately become citizens of the unshakable Kingdom. As our eyes are opened for the very first time, we realize that all of our great accomplishments were simply filthy rags. For the first time, we see the holiness of God which brings forth a godly fear and reverence. As we gaze upon God’s great power to hold the entire universe together, we know immediately nothing can separate us from His magnificent love. Step by step the indwelling Spirit teaches us to be dependent upon Christ even when we face our greatest challenges or when persecution comes.

This powerful grace given to us by God is absolutely free. We can’t earn it or deserve it. It is rightly described as unmerited favor. In an instant, through faith in Christ, we are made as a new person in Christ (See II Corinthians 5:17) and given citizenship to the unshakeable Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will lead you to denounce all the unrighteous works of man that’s trying to tell you how to live your life. He will replace it by giving you everything you need for life and godliness (See II Peter 1:3-4). With God’s powerful grace and our total dependence on Christ, we will be able to obey all of his wonderful commands. We soon discover that they are not impossible, nor are they meant for some future dispensation. There is great excitement when we discover our own unique Spiritual gifts and when He leads us to do the impossible  Although there is great joy in becoming citizens of the unshakeable Kingdom, we also soon discover a great desire to say with the Apostle Paul, “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; if by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11). As we walk in the commands of Christ, from the grace given to us, we will literally turn the world upside down, because the world will see that our faith is not in words only but through our actions.

Unfortunately, for most who call upon the Name of Christ they are not numbered among the faithful remnant, nor do they belong to the unshakable Kingdom. They have been shaken to the core, joining the fallen world in their quest for answers to their multitude of problems, as they cry out for deliverance from a world that’s gone mad. Some have even shaken their fist at God for not sending forth a “secret” rapture to deliver them from their misery while many others have completely given up on Christianity as they drift back into the world. We are witnessing the great falling away. How tragically sad that they did not trust God to shield them from His wrath. How sad that they did not believe that God’s unshakable Kingdom would stand firm against all that’s coming upon the fallen world. We are part of the unshakable Kingdom. We just need to be reminded of that fact and learn once again how to stand our ground as we trust in God completely. In our total dependence upon Jesus Christ, we will learn anew how to be a part of the unshakable Kingdom. We will lift our downcast heads, strengthen our drooping arms, and face the coming days with great confidence, that God will never leave our side even to the very end of the age (See Matthew 28:20). So, different we are from the fallen world, let me encourage you to act like it. We are the unshakeable Kingdom.

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