The Unseen Enemy

The Unseen Enemy

They say, “seeing is believing.” Well, I am here to tell you, that some things unseen is more dangerous than anything you can see with your physical eyes. It’s more dangerous than the so-called deep state or the worst conspiracy theory. This unseen enemy can destroy your life in ways that are hard to imagine. He can do far worse than all the plagues falling upon unrepentant humanity for the consequences of their many sins. It’s far worse than the raging forest fires, the many earthquakes, the giant tsunamis, the explosive hurricanes, and even the virus taking so many lives. Journey with me to the deepest caverns of your hidden emotions, which can easily border on insanity or stark raving madness. These emotions, safely hid from sight, contain our greatest fears that grip our entire being. In every human, there is the horrific fear of failing, not being accepted, losing our livelihood, maintaining our ability to function, to keep a sound mind, or being destroyed. To go even deeper we see contradicting thoughts pulling us in one direction and then another expressing thoughts of fear that leads to outbursts of anger, hate, and even revenge. Going even deeper we discover, if we are honest, thoughts introduced by the enemy that’s driving everyone in the world a bit mad, as they entertain thoughts of unchecked lawlessness and pure evil spilling into the streets of America and behind every closed door.

It’s these thoughts that will interest us today, thoughts that come directly from the unseen enemy, who is tapping into our old sin nature. Yes, you heard me right. The old sin nature. The Bible says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). We are living in a world that has completely forgotten the meaning of sin. It is no longer in their vocabulary. It’s no longer important in a modern age that winks at man’s law and completely ignores God’s law. Any trespass against either law is a sin. There is one very strong emotion that opens the door to the unseen enemy. There is one emotion that allows him to resurrect and inflame the old sin nature, opening the door to explosive anger and open hostility. This emotion is fear. This emotion of fear is so strong that it can bring about blindness searing one’s consciousness of what’s right and what’s wrong. I am convinced that the enemy is using the latest plagues, especially the virus, to engender fear into all the citizens of the world driving many to unchecked lawlessness. Yes, fear has gripped the world allowing the unseen enemy to open the door to their old sin nature and to plant his thoughts into their minds. These thoughts allow them to see everything as the worst-case scenario, allowing their fear to cause other dangerous emotions, such as, brooding, stress, anxiety, and heightened frustration, which will all in time lead to anger and open hostility against their fellow man. We are living in a time of unprecedented lawlessness.

It’s these emotions that lead us to openly strike back at others that have different opinions or a different agenda, who are seen as radical and hurtful. The unseen enemy is successfully dividing the entire world into warring camps bent on the death and destruction of the opposing forces. Both the left and the right are growing more radical in their position constantly thinking of new ways to defeat their enemy. This can easily be seen in both news articles and social media timelines with a ruthlessness unseen in previous generations. Journalists need to use an array of different adjectives to describe their hatefulness, such as slamming, blasting, bashing, hitting back, scorching, scolding, saying harsh things, making accusations, condemning, mocking others, fury erupting at others, or making well-crafted attacks. How many more adjectives can be found to explain what’s happening in the hearts of Americans and in the hearts of those from around the world. Dear friends, it’s not just the weak-minded that’s open to these inflaming thoughts of the unseen enemy. It’s not just the uneducated or the poor but every class of people who have grown increasingly fearful. Unfortunately, this also includes many who call upon the Name of the Lord because they have not learned how to stand against the silent enemy.

We must fight back! Our enemy is not the left or the right. Our enemy is not black, brown, red, or yellow. Our enemy is much greater than what we can see. The Bible says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). We cannot close our eyes to the unseen enemy because he is real. The picture of wrestling with someone shows the close proximity of the enemy. This is not some government power in a distant land. This is not some political power seeking to destroy us. This is not even our greatest known enemies. On the other hand, we wrestle with a much greater power that seeks to reside in our own hearts. We wrestle against the lies and conspiracy theories that keep our heads spinning and our hearts more fearful. We wrestle against the false doctrines of religion and other beliefs seeking to invade our minds causing many to doubt the truth of their salvation casting them into even greater fear of eternal damnation. We wrestle against lawlessness being peddled on the streets of our great cities and in the classrooms of our universities that engenders fear of a world gone mad. This is a battle for the mind and heart of humanity seeking to drive them stark raving mad doing things to others in their riots and mayhem that shock our sensibilities. This unseen enemy is the powers of darkness.

We see this happening so greatly today because so many have turned their back on God. We knew this day would come, a day of complete lawlessness. They no longer trust in God’s ability to stand against this great force of evil that’s invaded our world. A strengthened military will not defeat this enemy. A stronger blue line will not defeat this enemy. This is a spiritual war that must be defeated by the Spirit, the Spirit of the living God living in us. This ability has been freely given to all of God’s beloved children. We simply must take it. We must believe that we have been given the grace to stand against the rulers of the darkness. We must believe that we have been given the strength to stand against spiritual wickedness in high places. Yes, as true believers in Christ we have been given everything we need to take our stand against the enemy who is seeking to inflame our old sin nature by tapping into all of our emotions. I hope that you are beginning to see that secular counseling and mind-altering drugs will not effectively deal with our emotions, especially our most formidable emotion, fear. The only thing that will work against this most powerful force is putting on the full armor of God.

It won’t help to yell at the devil, otherwise, you may discover that you are simply yelling at yourself. If you really want to stop the devil and stand against the powers of darkness, then we must put on the full armor of God (See my book “Stand Firm” that goes into much greater detail about each piece of armor). To put on the full armor is to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ (See Ephesians 6:15), to grow in His truth and righteousness (See Ephesians 6:14), and to yield His powerful Word with all prayer (See Ephesians 6:17-18). The key to standing firm against this silent enemy, the powers of darkness, is continued spiritual growth, growing from one degree of glory to another by putting off the old life and putting on the new life in Christ (See Ephesians 4:21-24). To do so, will strengthen your trust and faith in Christ alone to deliver you from all of your dangerous and unpredictable emotions of the old sin nature. As the whole world goes mad, the children of God will stand fearlessly against all that’s falling upon the world by extending their love to others rather than hate. We as His beloved children will be the only ones truly practicing non-retaliation and seeing its great miracle of disarming our assailants. Stand firm dear children and don’t be overcome by the evil powers invading all of humanity.

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