The Two Witnesses in Revelation

The Two Witnesses in Revelation

Most Christians are familiar with the two witnesses in the book of Revelation, even though they may prove to be an enigma. To help us understand their witness we need to listen to the angel that opened their eyes to the problem that will face the Church in each age from the First Century until now. The angel accomplished this by having the two witnesses do a couple of amazing things before they were allowed to witness. They must measure the community of the faithful who correctly worship their God and then measure everyone else who is not worshipping God correctly but is following the world (Revelation 11:1-2). This would be a wake-up call to the true condition of the Church. Almost from the beginning, they had lost their way as the Church integrated the world’s philosophies and teachings with God’s beautiful truth. False doctrine had entered the Church. These two witnesses, representative of all God’s faithful witnesses in every age, will continue to witness His beautiful truths to fallen humanity. They would also go to the heart of the problem and witness directly to the powers of darkness who were causing God’s children to stumble. They would carry God’s prophetic message to the world’s leaders and the many false prophets in every age since the time of Christ.

These two witnesses portrayed in the book of Revelation would also be like Moses who spoke face to face to Pharaoh in Egypt proclaiming that he should let God’s people go. As you can recall they were in bondage to Pharaoh and his taskmasters. There was no longer respect for the children of Israel and their God. They had become little more than slaves in the land of Egypt. Many of God’s children had assimilated the traditions and even beliefs of their taskmasters driving them further and further away from the God of their forefathers. Moses a man from the lineage of Joseph was led by God to come out from among them, the ruling monarch, to observe the bondage of God’s children. In time Moses fled the land of Egypt and the hand of Pharaoh. God spoke to Moses leading him to return to the land of Egypt to deliver His children from the grip of slavery. Pharaoh would not let the people go. So, by the will of God, Moses stood before Pharaoh demanding the release of God’s children or suffer the consequences of the plagues from the hand of God. In Pharaoh’s stubbornness, he refused and received all ten plagues upon the land of Egypt before relenting.

Moses’ faithfulness to his mission to deliver God’s ultimatum to Pharaoh, not only allowed God’s children to escape their bondage but to experience the life that God had ordained for them. Unlike Moses who witnessed a relatively short time to the powers of darkness to fulfill his task, the witnesses portrayed in the book of Revelation will continue to witness for the entire predetermined time of the end until their mission is accomplished (Revelation 11:3). Throughout Christian history, we have seen many Antichrists arise and take humanity into bondage to do their will (I John 2:18). Also, Nostradamus living in the sixteenth century wrote in his quatrains that there would be three Antichrist. Most theologians believe two have already come as Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. These two Antichrists completely changed society, which I believe the third and final Antichrist will also do. As we shall see, the rules do not apply to the Antichrist and his followers that will lead the entire world into bondage. Today, there is an unprecedented thing happening in the whole world that is driving all of humanity into bondage to their new taskmasters, the powers of darkness. They are already very much under control as their every conversation and movement are now being tracked by the powers of darkness.

This will take a witness that most modern-day believers would be very uncomfortable with, but necessary if we want God’s children delivered from their bondage. The witnesses will speak directly to the world leaders, false prophets, and preachers who have integrated lies into their messages. They will not mince their words or participate in political wrangling or partisanship. They will not trust in the world’s leadership to change the evil in man’s heart. They may not even claim to be prophets of God, yet they will be His mouthpiece speaking forth His words with great power. They will not proclaim a new prophecy but will expound on the prophecy that’s already in Holy Scripture and specifically in the book of Revelation, which will have a profound effect upon those hearing the message from God’s witnesses. Simply put, the fallen world and the many so-called believers who are not following the Way do not want to hear this witness. They feel that they are already suffering enough and don’t want to hear about more calamity on the way. They especially don’t want to hear that this is tied to their many sins that are growing exponentially. Therefore, the whole world will rejoice in sending gifts to one another when their end-time witness is finally silenced by the one coming with great power (Revelation 11:10).

Just like God’s children in the land of Egypt, not every Christian will believe that they are in bondage headed to deeper captivity by the powers of darkness. Many will resist and side with the world against this witness, especially when things spoken by the witnesses come to fruition, especially when they feel tormented by one catastrophe after another. Many will resist the notion of captivity even though they have little time for God. They don’t walk with their God every moment of every day. They don’t spend ample time in daily prayer and meditation. They don’t look for every opportunity to witness to others, face to face. They don’t study the Holy Scripture in depth allowing the Holy Spirit to implant it deep within their hearts. They don’t worship God in praise and adoration being thankful in all things. Yet, they still deny their captivity to the powers of darkness filling up every moment of every day leaving them no time for God. The powers of darkness have been working for many years now leading humanity into this bondage, robbing them of all their precious time. As you recall, this started decades ago with television, then computer games, then social media, and now finally with the coming Metaverse to consume all their time projecting them into a different reality.

Although we can warn God’s children of their impending bondage, it will take the witnesses that have been commissioned by God in the book of Revelation to speak directly to the world leaders and the powers of darkness to let God’s people go. Political maneuvering won’t help. Passing new laws won’t help. Having a few people speak to congress won’t help. They will not let God’s people go, so, God will continue to send His powerful witnesses to each age to stand against the powers of darkness. They will be continually filled with God’s Spirit where their powerful words will seem like fire, which destroys the foolishness of their opponents. (Revelation 11:4-6). They will remind the fallen world that the prophecy has already been spoken and that the devastation will continue to increase in severity and globally. They will be reminded, again and again, that the plagues falling on humanity is for the consequences of their unrepentant sins. They will be reminded that since the resurrection of Christ until now God’s plagues have rained down on humanity through the sounding of the trumpets from the first seven angels (Revelation 8:7-9:21). This brings forth partial devastation, that’s increasing exponentially from the First Century until one-third of the entire earth and humanity are sorely affected.

Every day the world suffers more from one calamity after another, and the Church remains silent. Well, the witnesses raised up by God cannot remain silent as they proclaim that the increasing heat index and the raging forest fires across your land are a direct result of your sins. They proclaim loudly that the rising sea levels and warmer waters that are spawning stronger hurricanes, tsunamis, and the flooding of your coastal cities are the consequences of your many outrageous sins. The witnesses cannot remain silent! So, they rebuke the world for turning away from God and leading His children astray. Every plague from air pollution to disease and famine is the result of your arrogance. The latest pandemic of viruses and their never-ending variants are the result of your great pride, believing that you alone can solve the world’s problems. The world raised up their own counselors to solve their many psychological problems, they are now facing another pandemic where over fifty percent of humanity claim to have a mental disorder. The witnesses proclaim that Babylon, America, will be destroyed by the Kings of the East (Revelation 16:12). Woe, woe, woe! For their atomic weapons. All these plagues are progressive in nature because the sins of humanity have increased, claiming to be more civilized they have become even more evil rejecting the God of creation. In their pride and arrogance, they claim that they have no need for God.

Now the witnesses stand before those who have enslaved humanity by controlling their every action and by separating them from the God of creation. They will proclaim in a loud voice that complete devastation will now come upon the kingdom of the beast, Babylon, that allowed this new technology to enslave all of humanity. The witnesses portrayed in the book of Revelation stand before the coming beast saying let God’s children go from their captivity or experience the full judgment of God seen in the last seven plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God (carefully read Revelation 16:1-21). This witness is to the entire fallen world, its leadership, all the social media platforms, to those who are buying up space in the Metaverse, and those building the new technology who will all be beholden to the coming beast or the Antichrist. These witnesses will proclaim loudly, “You have been warned.” God will now bring you down. You and your country will be destroyed with intense heat and fire. You will experience complete devastation if you don’t close your social media platforms, stop building the Metaverse, and let God’s children go. “So let it be written, so let it be done!

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  1. Lord awaken the Church it has been silent for too long. Sitting in the back rows not ready to give An answer for the reason of their faith in You the Great Almighty Our Creator. Lord forgive us all May we walk in fear and trembling knowing your return is near! Praise the Lord!

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