The Three Viruses

The Three Viruses (Ebola, ISIS & Global Addiction)

Never in my life have I seen three viruses descend upon the planet all at the same time. Is there any hope for humanity? Only for the true Christian is their hope, because no matter what happens at least he is assured of eternal life free from all the pain that’s coming upon the world. I am afraid that the coming Antichrist and his New World Order will use each of these viruses as a means to their end to establish total control over all of humanity. These viruses will unleash an unimaginable fear to have ever fallen upon the entire world. No, this is not a plot for an upcoming horror movie nor is it the vain imagination of a would be prophet. Perhaps it’s only reality in the making that simply needs to be unmasked. Only time will prove or disprove what I am about to write. The order in which these viruses are unveiled should in no way elevate their importance or the magnitude of their destruction. What is important however is that they all work in tandem to frighten the entire world into total submission to its new world leaders.

The first virus has sprung forth from the African continent with a vengeance. After having some false starts, this by no means is a new virus but one that has mutated and started to hopscotch from one continent to another with no known cure. It is like the silent killer striking wherever it likes with little warning – killing some and allowing others to miraculously recover for no apparent reason. It has created such a great fear many have refused a trip to the hospital or have escaped from their isolation to infect others. I cannot over emphasize the level of fear that this virus has already caused in its host country but only to be multiplied ten times over once it reaches a global epidemic. This fear will in itself become its own plague creating an atmosphere of anarchy and unchecked lawlessness. As humanity demands answers from those in power riots in the streets will make the Ferguson race riots look like child’s play. As neighborhoods around the world are ransacked and left burning everyone will cry out for a savior to find a cure and stop the madness. Let’s be very clear it’s not the number of those dying (because other pathogens are causing many more deaths) it is however the fear precipitated by the unknown. Dr. Joanne Liu, president of a Canadian organization with boots on the ground in West Africa rightly stated, “If we don’t act rapidly… fear will be changed into panic and then irrational behavior.” But that’s not the worst of it because the two remaining viruses are hitting the world simultaneously creating even greater fear.

The second virus has sprung up from the Middle East like a vicious dog ready to devour the entire world. Everyone who does not subscribe to their way of life is killed by the sword or cast into a life of slavery. This is called a virus, because it’s extending a call to arms for every man, woman and child of similar persuasion. They are sending this message to every corner of the planet – to every village or city where they currently reside to rise up against the infidel. Unfortunately the media and social networks such as Facebook and YouTube are used to circulate their propaganda and enlistment campaign to rise up a global army living in your backyard. This too will bring about great fear in every country because no one will know if their neighbor is a friend or a foe for they will speak your language, use your accent, and may even be of your same race. (This was tragically witnessed in Mosul, Iraq where neighbor turned against neighbor.) All of this will create even more lawlessness and anarchy as people take justice into their own hands to protect their family. Seeing beheadings on a video will pale in comparison to actually experiencing the horror of watching a friend or family member lose their head while you run for your life. As death and destruction marches around the world the people will once again cry out for a savior. They may even cry out for a mark to separate them from those who would kill and destroy. But that’s not the worst of it because the remaining virus that’s hitting the world simultaneously with the others will create an even greater fear.

The third virus sprung up from the West and specifically the great pharmaceutical companies of America. This virus has been eating away at the heart of humanity since the 1950’s creating an epidemic of addiction that has nearly effected every man, woman and child. This global epidemic has caused the suicide rate to skyrocket in both the military and civilian population. One can only imagine the fear so great in the heart of man that it would cause him or her to take their own life. And for those who do not commit suicide they’re left with a life hardly worth living as they step by step lose their ability to fully function in society. As time continues most never get any better but far worse as they struggle with additional emotional and psychological problems casting them into a deeper darker dungeon of captivity. Then there are the obvious side effects that rob humanity of their health and well being as they struggle with yet another illness or disease caused by their prescription drugs. Yet through all that there has grown a dependence on their prescription psychotropic drugs that would cause an unexplainable fear if those drugs would be withheld or no longer available. Once again humanity would cry out for a savior. They would be willing to do anything to get their drugs. As these three viruses descend simultaneously upon the planet human fear would drive the entire population into the hands of the Antichrist and his New World Order who promises to deliver them from all the pain and fear. Dear children it is past time to Stand Firm and to clearly understand what is coming now upon the world. This is not a prophecy; it’s reality. It’s time to wake up from your slumber.

“This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus” (Revelation 14:12).

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