The Slippery Slope of Deception

The Slippery Slope of Deception

People are deceived when they think they have a new truth that no one else has, a truth, beyond scripture and the words of God. It typically starts with conspiracy theories, theories that cannot be proved. Although conspiracy theories may appear to be logical and easily accepted by those who distrust the establishment or the other political party, they will never be accepted as truth by those who have come out from among them and remain separate. Once you lose the anchor of God’s holy word and the indwelling Spirit you become open for every deception of the devil, his antichrist, and the false prophet. It becomes a very slippery slope moving you further away from God and His unchanging truth. The further you move away, the more the commands of God get lost in the rear-view mirror. What makes deception even more difficult in today’s world is everyone claims to have their own corner on the truth bringing great confusion among the people. This so-called truth is cemented in their social media echo chamber causing greater division among the population and driving them further away from God’s unchanging truth. When this happens everything seems more plausible opening the door to deception and every conspiracy theory.

Most everyone who is deceived is convinced that everyone else is deceived and they’re not. They are so convinced of the deceptive lies that they are willing to fight with anyone who disagrees with what they believe. If deception was easy to recognize, it would not be considered deception. To understand how powerful deception is in the last days we need to do a little history lesson. Although the Bible speaks about many Antichrists (I John 2:18) since the first century, most theologians who have studied prophecy believe that there have been two horrific Antichrists since the modern age with the second being even worse than the first. Moreover, they believe that the third and final Antichrist will be worse than the first two, which is hard to imagine. To understand the power of the final Antichrist, then we need to understand the power of the last two Antichrists in the modern age, Napoleon Bonaparte who ruled in France with an iron fist, and Adolf Hitler who controlled the population in Germany by leading them to accept him as a religious zealot. Both of these last two Antichrists had enough power to deceive an entire nation.

Both nations, France and Germany were both deeply in trouble causing most to lose hope in their government and the status quo. Their economy was in shambles and both nations were being ripped apart by division in the social class and the economic well-being of each respective nation. Both Antichrists came promising a bright and prosperous future. The second Antichrist, Hitler, went a step further by proclaiming that he was sent by God to bring order out of chaos, and to right all the wrongs, which had destroyed their thirst for prosperity as a nation. He deceived the Jews telling them that he was protecting them from the civilian population that had grown increasingly violent against them, allowing him to displace them. Then they were herded into areas for their so-called protection, every step of the way those in power were very secretive about how they would be ultimately destroyed. They were deceived as sheep being led to the slaughter. I am afraid that the final Antichrist will follow the same path singling out undesirables and the faithful remnant. This power was so great that Hitler became their savior for the remainder of the population making him worthy of their praise and worship.

Once again not only is one nation being torn apart, but the entire Western world is now not far behind. The stage has already been set for this nation and the Western world to be deceived by the final Antichrist. This last Antichrist will project the depth of evil in the nation by proclaiming that like Christ he is also being persecuted by a lawless nation. The final Antichrist will be like Hitler who went to prison and wrote Mein Kampf, about the evilness of Germany and a certain race of people who held power and control over the nation. In the same way, the final Antichrist will proclaim how evil the other political party is and how they are destroying the nation. It’s almost completely unknown that he too is of German decent, perhaps fulfilling the prophecy of a thousand-year Reich. Once the nation buys into his lies, then it is on a very slippery slope of deception. This deception will lead them to believe that he is really a savior sent by God to rescue the perishing. Once the nation is on the slippery slope of deception it becomes easy to overlook his immoral behavior of using foul language, making maligning threats, and selling Bibles to proudly proclaim his holiness. It becomes easier to overlook his outrageous claims that he could have stopped the wars before they began in Ukraine and Gaza. Do we really think that the Antichrist can change the hearts and minds of an evil and wicked nation? Absolutely not! They have not grown more righteous but have grown more hateful to those who don’t follow them in their deception much like the German population did under Hitler.

If you are truly being deceived then anger right now is burning red hot in you, because you want to believe that you and your family will be delivered from these perilous times by your chosen political leader contrary to his unrighteous behavior. Not only will you get angry, but you are willing to fight even against your own family and friends if necessary. This will demonstrate the depth of your deception. We can all agree that we live in a very evil world but only Jesus Christ can deliver us by coming out from among them and being obedient to His words alone. No earthly man or his false prophet will be able to save us. No political party will be able to save us from what is falling upon an unrepentant world. We will reap the consequences of our sins until the end. Our only option is to come out from among them, learn how to obey all of Christ’s commandments and have faith in Him alone. This is our only hope. To think otherwise will lead you into deeper deception. The only solution is to stop talking and obey Jesus Christ, the alpha and the omega. Allow God to lead you through the indwelling Spirit to obey all of His commands. With every post, the world is more divided, and with every comment, the world is being torn further apart. Stop talking and listen to God, which will always lead to obedience to Him alone.

What should believers be doing in the last days of outrageous deception? We as God’s beloved children and faithful remnant should be following the Great Commission. The Bible says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matthew 28:19-20). Out of this beautiful commission given to all believers, we will look at two overarching points that should speak directly to our hearts. First, we should teach all nations, that is, every creed, every race, and every religion. Secondly, we should teach them to observe all things whatsoever Christ has commanded. If we focused on this alone there would be no time for conspiracy theories, chasing political leaders, and allowing hate to dictate our behavior or path ahead. Every post, every comment, and every discussion should have this aim to teach only the truth from God’s Holy Word. Every prophecy and every word of encouragement should still end with a teaching element to observe or obey God’s commandments. Foul language, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, and revenge should have no place for God’s elect children. Be not deceived, dear children, to follow the deception will make you a slave to the Antichrist and an enemy of God. God forbid.

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  1. Another wonderful word Rev Daniel. I thank God for placing you in my life. You are truly a blessing to many. 🥰

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