The Seeds of Civil War

The Seeds of Civil War

The seeds of Civil War have been planted in the hearts of humanity for a very long time now. This article will examine how these seeds of Civil War have just started to blossom creating havoc and great misery in the world. When all the seeds of Civil War have shot forth to maturity it will be the greatest horror to have ever come upon the planet. This Civil War will not be just in America but will take root in every other country in the world. For these seeds to blossom, they need to be put into fertile soil. For the first time in human history, this has been made possible by technology and accomplished by the Social Media platforms that are reaching nearly every people group on the planet. I will demonstrate how the powers of evil and the rulers of darkness are using this new platform to fan the fires of discontent and arouse the evil nature in every person to follow its will. We will look briefly at how it all started with the News Media pitting one side against another allowing it to flow easily into all the Social Media platforms. Then we will look at how this will lead to a real Civil War in the streets of America and other countries in the world.

The whole world, especially our nation, is starting to divide into two distinct groups. Both groups can demonstrate a certain level of intelligence, accept different races, claim to embrace every social-economic group, and entertain certain spiritual and ethical norms. On the other hand, they clearly have differences in how to govern the masses and their resolute position on certain orthodox religious teachings, such as, homosexuality, abortion, and the freedom of religion, which are non-negotiable. Yet, the differences don’t need to be that great to fan the flames and arouse the evil tendencies when we can easily get a few thousand people on Social Media to agree with us that the other side is evil and that we are perfectly correct in how we feel about them. The more we stay in our echo chamber on Social Media listening to everything we are saying, and thinking, being agreed with, the greater the evil rises up within us to strike back at the other side. In the beginning, it may simply be in an argumentative comment, then it will be in our own post, then perhaps even doing something outside of our echo chamber on Social Media, which we will discuss later.

If it was just the echo chamber of Social Media it would not be as bad, because eventually, most people would run out of things to complain about, thus getting back to just sharing baby pictures and family events. However, with twenty-four-hour cable news, we have plenty to complain about, bringing it all back into our echo chamber. The News Media have become experts on taking sides and ruthlessly tearing down the other side. Even the best amongst us have a hard time from keeping our blood from boiling when we listen to outrageous lies and hateful rhetoric thrown at the other side. It’s never-ending. When they finish one slanderous report or investigation, then they quickly turn to another, even if it threatens the national security of our country. Of course, all this negative reporting comes flowing nonstop into the Social Media platforms and right into our own echo chamber. When will they ever wake up to the fact, that you can’t keep talking bad about someone, over and over again, and not allow it to affect others? When will they wake up to the fact that they have gone well beyond just reporting the news to actually making it up to suit their purpose?

Well, it won’t take long to see where this is all headed. The seeds have been planted by the News Media, our echo chamber has given it fertile soil in which to grow, which causes the Civil War to begin in our own hearts. The Bible talks about the civil war that rages in the soul, it says, “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would”( Galatians 5:17). It doesn’t take very long for some amongst us to start breaking out of their echo chamber and start striking back at the other side. In the beginning, it may be simply marching in the streets, yelling obscenities at the other side, pulling off their hats, or dousing them with water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there for in time others who cannot control the rage within them will pick up a knife, a gun, or even a bomb to do horrific harm to others. Dear friends, it’s not the knife, the gun, or the bomb. It is the rage caused by the Civil War within our souls. This is the Civil War caused by the News Media and advanced by the Social Media platforms that enters into the heart of man.

How bad this is going to get is hard to predict. I can’t speak to the world, but I can speak to the Christian Community. The Bible says in the Last Days the beast of worldly power will make war with the Saints and overcome them (See Revelation 13:7). If the powers of evil can cause the old man or the old sin nature to raise up its ugly head and think things it should not, then we will have already been put on a very slippery slope. Can’t we see this already, even among those who claim to have a close relationship with the Lord and say that they are filled with the Spirit? Although some will rightly claim that the powers of darkness are driving them to think things they should not, they have been remiss at casting out the evil thoughts immediately. When they dwell on the thoughts allowing the seeds of Civil War to grow up to maturity in their Social Media echo chamber, then they too will begin to lash out at the other side. Look around dear friends, this is already happening. You can’t scroll very far on Social Media before you can see this loud and clear. You see the old sin nature and the powers of darkness overcoming the Saints.

Dear children, we must not join them in their hateful rhetoric against the other side allowing it to manifest itself in bad behavior. We must come out from among them and be separate otherwise the Civil War that begins in our hearts will manifest itself into a real Civil War in the streets of America, that will spread to every country in the world. I cannot even imagine how horrible this will be. A family member against a family member, neighbor against neighbor, citizen against citizen as they all viciously fight against one another. Look at some of the recent mass shootings. Why are they doing it? Because they have allowed the old sin nature to rise up and strike against those in whom they disagree. There is only one thing we can to do stop this insanity. Don’t join with them on Social Media. Witness to the other side in love by proclaiming the Good News with compassion and clarity. Stop hating and start loving. God help your children stand firm against the powers of darkness that are using both the News Media and the Social Media Platforms to do their bidding. God forbid, if not for us, then for all the little children.

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