The Prophetic Note

The Prophetic Note – The New Globalist

With the election of Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States it has rendered a serious blow to the old Globalist and championed a new voice for Nationalism. If the campaign rhetoric holds true there will be a much stronger and more robust military to extend its power, but limit its presence in the world’s many civil wars and those nations who squabble over territorial rights, and religious or secretarial differences. Open borders and free trade will be curtailed to equalize a larger benefit to a nation that looks to rebuild itself as the richest and most powerful nation on the earth. But don’t think for one minute that this will turn into quasi isolationism. The new Globalist will indeed exercise its power over all the nations both militarily and economically expanding, not limiting, trade and intercourse for the nation’s best interest. Although natural blocks may be formed unifying certain countries together for perceived protection, trade agreements, and strongly held religious or non-religious beliefs. These blocks will simply follow the biblical prophecy that says eventually the Kings of the East will believe that they can make a united stand against the strongest and most feared nation in the world, leading into what Christians call Armageddon. For now, there will be a new Globalist setting up his new kingdom creating euphoria amongst a people who has suffered long economically under the old Globalist. This new measure under President Donald J. Trump will win the hearts and minds of all the people creating unity, and for this we will praise God.

Christians who know their Bible understand that events must continue, on God’s prophetic timeline and not Hollywood’s. For the past eight years, almost every blockbuster movie that’s come out teaches the goals and aspirations of a global community uniting together to fight some planetary catastrophe or an unprecedented invasion by some hostile force. Without the help of God, the strength and determination of a global community prevails building mankind’s pride beyond measure. So, true believers in Christ, whom I often refer to as the faithful remnant, must not fall into this trap of self-righteous pride, for it is only God who can save humanity. The greatest threat to face humanity is the power of sin that leads them to follow Satan rather than God. To lead them to follow the coming Beast of worldly power rather than trusting in God alone. To follow the new Globalist or the coming Beast will cast even the most self-righteous person into the pit of hell, lest he repent and trust in God alone. I beg of you brothers not to get caught up in this new globalism that will lead you down the path of self-righteous pride. It is clear from prophecy that the new Globalist will conquer the Christian community not necessarily by force but by winning their hearts and minds. It will only be the faithful remnant that will resist, which will either lead to imprisonment or death.  I believe the next thing to look for is to see how the new globalist will win the hearts and minds of the left and become the standard bearer for all the countries in the Western block. This is your Prophetic Note for today.

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