The Prophetic Note

The Prophetic Note – The Mark

Taking the mark or (receiving an implant) will make perfect sense to the masses. This will be billed as the ultimate security measure for our protection. As we shall see it will protect us more than building the wall on our Southern border and more than rebuilding our military. It will begin with a simple two-step process to curb the immigration problem. It will become unanimous that one common sense way to solve the immigration problem is through extreme vetting for all those already living here and for those wanting to come to America and already being discussed by many in power.

First, it will be necessary to determine that there is not a threat through aggressive interviewing and background checks. Then secondly those in leadership may convince President Trump that it would be prudent to implant all illegal immigrants, if they wish to stay in the country, so that that they can be tracked. No longer will they ever be lost in the system, but given confidence that they will be watched for their protection, and should not be seen as an invasion of their privacy. This of course allows them to plug into all that America has to offer from eating to selling and everything in between. Sound familiar! Once all the immigrants have been tagged then it only makes perfect sense to mark everyone with a criminal record, perhaps starting with the lawless immigrants. These two steps will be billed as the ultimate security measure for our protection. It will receive full support of the American people.

But wait! They’re not through yet. How about those mass killings done by those psychologically unbalanced or emotionally disturbed? Perhaps something needs to be done about them. It only seems reasonable. Right? Therefore, most will agree that they also need to be implanted. This too would get the full support of all the people for no one wants these crazies walking the streets of America without being monitored. However, what most are missing is at this very time laws are being considered to psychoanalyze every citizen in America. Again, most will not have a problem with this simple procedure until it’s discovered, too late I might add, that nearly all is being implanted as psychologically impaired. We pray that President Donald J. Trump will never allow it to go this far trampling on the rights of his core supporters who will resist any kind of mark or implant.

For indeed there is one group who vehemently refuses to be psychoanalyzed and will be seen as enemies of the State. They will be hunted down and captured or killed. These are the ones who have had their names written in the book of life. They have trusted in Christ alone for all their emotional and psychological needs and have long since refused the services of the State, especially in this regard. The Mark is coming sooner than you think. It will be seen as the only answer to the dilemma that we are facing as a nation. It will be seen as the ultimate security measure for our protection. This your prophetic note for today.

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