The Prophetic Note

The Prophetic Note – The Deception

What are you reading or listening to? How much are you reading or listening to? We live in a day of readers, listeners, and watchers. They spend hours every day performing these activates while ignoring their impersonal relationships. Most believe that they have the power to discern truth from error. Yet, the deception from all your media outlets including what you read and watch on social media will be so strong it will lead everyone to believe the lie. God says if possible the very elect will be deceived. At this point, everyone’s point of view is so different and contradictory that deception to a certain degree is held in check, but that’s all about to change rather quickly. Even those in world leadership are starting to see this shortcoming and are now more aggressively feeding the public with the many dangers that come from unregulated news, which they call fake news or conspiracy theories. Unless its endorsed by those in power as being the truth then it will be rebuffed leading to even more confusion leading most to question what’s being reported. Furthermore, accepted science is now taking a lead in rebuffing all so-called prophecies of gloom and doom by quoting so called scientific fact. Again, leading to greater confusion while even Christians are trying to square scientific reporting with biblical authority.

So, the first step for the world leaders, is to regulate all news sites enforcing them to use only what comes through a gatekeeper. There has always been a gatekeeper to some extent, but they have allowed journalist to prove or disprove it by going way beyond just reporting the facts to stating their own opinion. Also, many journalist have taken the liberty to misreport an event by withholding valuable information or even adding to it. Unfortunately, it is the talking heads that has really divided this country. It is them who needs to take responsibility for the division. But that will all change.

Although this is a good thing to monitor and regulate the news media that allows Commentators to purposely report lies or fake news, it can become very dangerous in the future if it restricts all forms of dissent or public opinion. To do so could allow the present or future administrations to deceive the people through strictly regulated news. Once all news sites, liberal, conservative, and conspiracy theorist have been regulated then it will make it possible for a world-wide deception to come into full bloom leading everyone step by step to accept its reporting as the gospel truth and then ultimately to show their gratitude through praise and worship.

Thus, says the Lord of Host, to keep us from being led into this deception it will be necessary to love the truth so as to be saved. To love the truth believes that God forgives the sinner who repents of his transgressions so that he can be made into a new creation where old things pass away. Only as a new creation in Christ will we have the blindfold removed from our eyes, so that we can see the deception, where they call good bad, and bad they call good. Beware of those who will regulate all news in whatever form it takes to deceive the entire world. There simply can’t be any voices of dissent. There simply cannot be any opposing opinions. Thanks to Mr. Obama we have given up our right to manage the Internet to the globalist, which in time will keep us from freely expressing our opposing views. The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Deception will overtake the entire world. This is your prophetic note for today.

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