The Prophecy

The Prophecy

They say that a prophecy unsaid is like burning embers in the soul of man. If the spiritual vision was real and the mind was expanded to receive it then I must, I feel compelled, to proclaim it. Let this prophecy be spoken first to the Christian Church then in time all will hear. Some will accept it while many others will reject this truth and will continue on their merry way. Why does anyone reject a true prophet? Why would anyone reject, “The Prophecy.” Clearly, prophecies tend to dash people’s hope. Although I may proclaim loudly it doesn’t need to dash your hope, for most it will. Hope is a very powerful tool in the hands of those who wish to shape the destiny of a nation. It’s very powerful when people want something different than what they had before. Let’s keep that in mind while we listen to this prophecy. There is so very much to say it’s difficult to know where to start. So, I will start at the beginning.

Perhaps our hope was found in the new administration. For many years this country and the world were all headed in one direction. As the ship of State continued full steam ahead there was not that many major course corrections, no matter which party was elected. Their goal then and now was globalization. No borders, no walls, no problem. They worked frantically to build a brave new world to accept every lifestyle, every sexual orientation, and every religion upon the planet to accept one another as partners in this new world order. Even the Catholic Church has embraced this idea during the Obama Administration. The young men of science have paved the way by demonstrating how AI or Artificial Intelligence could greatly improve our lives and how they now had it in their power to stop global warming, send men to distant planets, to keep asteroids from hitting planet earth, to remove hunger, poverty and establish a UBI or Universal Basic Income, which we will talk more about in a minute.

First, we need a bit of a history lesson. For a very long time now perhaps from the late sixties step by step this country along with the rest of the world has been pushing God completely out of the picture. From evolution to psychology to prescription drugs young people were being taught that God did not have all the answers for modern man. The entertainment industry, schools of higher learning, and the news media agreed leading an entire planet to accept its new teachings. Eventually, the laws of God disappeared from our schools and government buildings being replaced with the laws of man. Teaching them that anything is possible if we just all learn to accept one another by tearing down our walls, opening our borders, and to hate the bigots or those who disagree. This has all been going on for a number of years while most of us slept. The previous administration of Barrack Obama woke up some of us to fight back while we still had haunting memories of colored lights on the White House.

This fight energized most of the Christian population to go to the polls. Deep in the heart of the American psyche they desired a new direction. They were tired of the perversions in the streets of America. They needed a new hope and they found it in an outsider. He was a bit rough around the edges, seemed a bit prideful, and had a sordid past with the women. But we liked his promises to make America great again hopefully sending it back to its biblical roots and to stop all this crazy talk about a new world order with open borders. We discovered quickly, however, that it was not going to be easy. The new administration rejected everything the world had been working on so hard to accomplish. People crying in the streets, making death threats, and abusing those who work for his administration showed us just how deep the divide was. The pendulum had swung fully to the right to rebuild the republic on the founding principles of capitalism. With the embrace of the Christian community the day had been won, a new hope and been established, but the prophecy does not look good for either capitalism or for the Christian.

Most economists know that eventually capitalism will fail. It will not be compatible with the new age of AI or Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics that will replace most humans as workers on the planet. Once that happens they will have no choice but to enact UBI or Universal Basic Income which will not work with Capitalism. The world will need a form of socialism and we all know from history where that will lead. There will only be two classes of people, those who run the world and everyone else. Before we get to that point the globalists will be back in office making plans for the future. The transition will be a lot easier than you think, because all the young people that had been groomed and taught by the State for so many years are now back in power. The pendulum will once again swing all the way in the opposite direction and they will remember well who had sent their ship of State in a different direction. They will remember well how the Christian community supported the previous administration run by the outsider.

So how is this going to affect the Christian who is living after the pendulum swings back allowing the globalists back into power? Not much for those who have already fallen away and no longer believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the exclusiveness of Christianity. On the other hand, those who have remained faithful to the doctrines of Christ will be hated for the years they disrupted all their plans by forcing the ship of State to go in an opposite direction. This hatred will not be curbed by the globalists but may actually join with them in an open persecution of God’s faithful remnant. What we have seen as of late, such as refusing to serve people in a restaurant, by taunting them on the streets, or their vulgarity in the news media will pale in comparison. The onslaught of their hatred will not be unlike the first persecution in Ancient Rome. The Christian community will be blamed for its years of frustration with the previous administration. The prophecy is true, the pendulum will swing back, and Christians will be persecuted. God help us to stand firm. Amen

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4 thoughts on “The Prophecy”

    1. This is so true Rev. Blair. It’s exactly how it has been shaped by the Globalists. We have been under this Globalist anti/Capitalist regime for many, many years. We indeed are seeing right in front of our eyes persecution of our President, his family and cabinet and staff. I feel how strong the Satanic power is at work in my every day life as a Christian. The Satanists see the Mark of Christ. They hate me for that mark. We are living in very evil times. These Satanic powers living in the souls of those whom reject Christ have sold their souls and have the Mark of the Beast. It is very clear and very obvious. The satanic powers are snarling and gnashing their teeth until they take back control. I pray against that Evil in the Name of Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever. His power trumps ALL. AMEN AND AMEN

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