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ProphecyThe world does not understand nor can it comprehend the deep things of God. As the world comes crashing in on us from the tragic collision of an asteroid to increasing volcanoes and earthquakes humanity rushes to their favorite news channel while ignoring the very presence of God. As fear grips the world due to an endless sea of catastrophes very few seek God’s enduring presence. As signs of Christ’s coming are everywhere with as many interpretations flying through cyberspace one would think that would drive more into God’s presence. Yet, most are propelled into a greater frenzy, comparing notes, setting dates, or discovering another piece of the eschatological puzzle. As immorality comes bursting forth from the closet and God’s holy commands are ignored the great debate begins with increased dialogue, a spirit of tolerance, and a humanistic drive to appease all. Step by step the presence of God is no longer desired or seen as necessary to stand firm in the coming days.

To discover the deep things of God is to walk continually in His presence. In the midst of all that is happening in the world today we must withdraw to a quiet place, close the proverbial door and listen long to the One who called you out of darkness into a marvelous light. As we listen to God and not to the world we soon discover that we must lay down all of our burdens at the feet of Jesus Christ. All of our stress and worry will fall away in His glorious presence.  All of our fear and discouragement becomes so insignificant in His powerful presence. All of our indecision and groping in the dark will suddenly stop in the bright light of His presence and will show us His divine plan for our lives. There is no greater joy than walking in God’s presence allowing Him to encompass every fiber of our being.  As the fog is lifted and the mind is cleared of all confusion we soon discover that we have put on the mind of Christ which puts everything into perspective.  No longer do we see through a glass darkly, but we see clearly the important things to focus our mind and attention (see I Corinthians 13:12). We are brought back to the heavenly schoolhouse and re-taught the beginning principles of our faith to love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves; everything else is vanity leading to a turbulent unfulfilled life.

Living in the presence of God is becoming ever more difficult as we approach the end of days. We must look beyond the talking heads, the 24 hour news channels, and social media to see the real enemy of our souls. As we near the end the powerful forces of evil have greatly increased in order to bring the entire world into spiritual bondage. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with the many wiles of the devil then you will not know when you are under spiritual attack following the blind masses to the professionals of psychology to seek a cure. Furthermore, if you are unfamiliar with the whole armor of God then you will be unprepared to engage the enemy. I am deeply saddened that so many in our day have little interest in the armor of God and the wiles of the devil. Yet, it is the devil and his host of wickedness that is keeping you from walking in the presence of your God. It is Satan himself who is casting a net of confusion over the entire world not allowing people to discover the truth in God’s Word, the Bible. Remember, it is the old devil that can quote the Bible more than any Christian, but always out of context or twisted to cause greater confusion. For those who have not hidden the Word of God in their heart they will be helpless in confronting the malicious lies of the enemy allowing themselves to be taken captive.

Clearly you cannot walk in the presence of your God and also remain in bondage to the enemy. Dear Christian, you can escape that bondage by putting on the full armor of God, fully understanding the many wiles of the devil, and resisting him in the strength of the Lord. (See my new book: Stand Firm) The moment you resist the enemy God will be with you filling you with His Spirit and empowering you with all necessary strength to break the chains of your captivity.  Dear children, don’t be fooled by the devil. Remember he can masquerade as an angel of light making you believe that you are walking in the presence of God while remaining in bondage to the devil. The Bible says, you can test the spirits. The spirit that keeps your eyes focused on self is not the Spirit of the living God. The spirit that keeps you in bondage to depression, anxiety, hate, confusion, and unbelief is not the Spirit of God. The spirit that keeps you in the guile of bitterness unwilling to forgive others is not the Spirit of our most Holy God. I implore you to discover the wiles of the devil, put on the full armor of God and resist the enemy. Stand firm in this truth my friends, and remain in the presence of our God – for the time is short.

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