The Narrow Gate

Why would the way to life be so narrow? Why would so few find it? If there is a narrow way then there is also a broad way and it seems most in the world are on it. It’s really difficult to do things alone and most would prefer the company of others even if it leads in the wrong direction. Consider for a moment all the world religions where those born into that religion rarely leave it for another. To go against the clan, the community, or the nation’s faith would be unconscionable. So they continue on the broad way believing that all their neighbors and friends can’t be wrong. To even entertain there might be another way could bring reproach and reprimand from the family elders. Moreover, to choose another way could cause isolation, hostility or even death. There are still many religions that hold their people in bondage to the broad way giving credence to the missionary effort, but things are rapidly changing.

As the world becomes more of a global community then people have an opportunity to experiment with other religions or choose no religion. As more people separate from their ancestry roots you might think it’s a golden opportunity to guide them to the right religion. As tolerance breaks down walls and opens up doors to associate with people of all faiths then many get ready to demonstrate why Christianity is the best religion with little thought of helping them find the narrow path. I say this because so many Christians (in name only) have also failed to find the narrow path and remain on the broad way that leads to death. Jesus gave us a parable about this very thought concerning a blind man attempting to guide another and both falling in the ditch (see Matthew 15:14). Therefore, to be a true guide to the narrow way then we must be assured that we are on it ourselves. To answer the first question, why is the way so narrow, will help us to find it or to reassure our self that we are on the right path.

So let’s examine why the way is so narrow. We started our discussion about world religions which will help us to discern the answer. Each world religion including Christianity believes that they have found the truth. As each believer learns more about his or her religion they develop a spiritual pride that hardens their belief in received knowledge and blinds them to the real truth about God and what He desires for humanity. Spiritual pride is like putting on blinders and not being able to see what’s standing right in front of you. Long before the Catholic Church ever called pride one of the cardinal sins, God saw it in one of His most beautiful angels and booted him out of heaven, which was none other than Satan himself.  So why is pride so blinding, which can keep us from finding the narrow way? Because pride feels as though it has arrived at the top of the mountain, that it needs no further information from anyone else. It knows everything it needs to know! I have seen this among Christians who pridefully claim all they need is the Bible and are quite unwilling to read anything else that can help them in their spiritual growth or application of His Word. Satan, the old Serpent felt exactly that way when he tempted Eve. “Did God really say that”, and then moved on to give his angle on the truth. Our pride may never lead us to say we know more than God, but our actions may prove otherwise.

In the modern world where the ancestries of religious beliefs have become blurred through tolerance man’s pride has still blinded him to the truth of God’s narrow way. In many ways this blindness has become worse than religious pride, because it now encompasses so much more. Man is left to interpret his own path by building his self esteem, developing remedies to fix his psychological and emotional problems because he no longer sees them as wiles of the devil, the enslavement to sin, or bondage to the old nature. Man in his spiritual pride has exchanged God’s method of self-denial for Satan’s plan of self–improvement, thus joining millions on the broad way to death. To find the narrow way we must reject man’s attempt to modify his behavior and accept God’s plan of transformation. In humility if we lose our life then we can gain it in Him. To do so will open our eyes to see the narrow way and enter therein. Those on the broad way will never stand firm in the coming days, but those on the narrow path will humbly accept wisdom and encouragement from others to help them stand firm.

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