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  1. Diggin’ deeper into the artesian wells of the Holy Spirit can sometimes take effort! Those waters run deep and finding a need to fast and pray like never before! So many lost souls with heavy addictions, sorrow, hopelessness and a helplessness! God take me deeper!
    Living in a transitional phase as we wait on our house purchase to go through God placed my husband, my Dad and I in a run down, 1room apartment with no stove, no oven and at this moment no way to even cook! Yet on both sides of me and in many apartments is addiction and desperation! A witch and warlock on one side and a pot smoker on the other! Possibly a drug house on the end yet I feel no fear! Last night as we went to lay down I heard someone wailing and crying and went out to check! One precious soul w/no legs was crying and I went over reached out and held her as I prayed! She has no legs and is being evicted!
    As we wait on God to give us our ministry house I feel so frustrated that I can’t do anything myself except pray! Please pray for Rebecca(the woman w/no legs or home)!! This is a hard place for my dad who has always lived in ease and luxury! I myself know well what roughing it is but my Dad doesn’t! Please pray that our purchase will move forward so our ministry home can begin! Thank you!

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