The Making of Caesar

It won’t be long now before we have our next Caesar. If we end up with Obama many of his policies are already set into motion, such as his new healthcare plan, canceling the pipeline, investing in renewable energy, and enacting some disturbing executive orders. He will no doubt continue his push toward a more tolerant world, where Christians could be arrested for sharing their faith with people of other religions. And we still don’t know how he will distribute the wealth, unless he takes from rich through excessive taxation or another executive order (a similar fate of the Jews during Hitler’s reign).

On the other hand we have Romney who has not enacted anything at the moment, but has made a promise to fix the economy, allow the rich to keep their money, and give us a new kind of health care bill, which at this point no one understands. What we don’t know may be more disturbing than what we do know about Obama. We are still not too sure how his Mormon faith will fit into his ability to enact executive orders and fulfill their prophecy that the new Temple will be built in Missouri (and not in Jerusalem). Moreover, we don’t know how this will affect the Christian and his liberties in Christ. Furthermore, we don’t know how he will act on the global stage in his future dealings with Russia, Iran, Israel, and the Middle East. We will always wonder if decisions are made in the best interest of this county or for the fulfilling of religious (Mormon) eschatology.

But what really concerns me the most and the reason for this article is that they have both been caught in lies, manipulation, intimidation, and dishonesty. As Christians, we all know who the father of lies is, which should give us a huge wakeup call on who is behind this election and especially the one who wins the nomination to become president of the United States. Prophetically I cannot tell you who will win the election, but I can say emphatically, it will change our world for ever. The world and this country in particular are in a downward spiral and there is nothing we can do about it, but we can stand firm in our faith. Either scenario will keep classic Christianity in the cross hairs and usher in a new era of hostility against the Christian for his witness to the unbeliever and those of other religious faiths.

In the new administration the Christian community will find it even more difficult to refuse the counsel of the world and their prescription of psychotropic drugs. I believe both candidates will have their own heath care bill that keeps track of your every medical and psychological visit in your entire life and make judgment calls based on that recorded information. Follow me for a minute. Any previous treatment you have ever had for emotional or psychological problems will follow you for the rest of your life. For those claiming to have a new life in Christ where old things have passed away will have no credibility. Moreover, anything you say can now be evaluated as a possible emotional or psychological problem which could have a legal precedent for referring you to one of their professionals of psychology for treatment. I believe this will only open Pandora’s Box and may one day lead to required counseling or confinement for those who appear to be too religious or at odds with the state religion.

In conclusion, President Obama has called for national prayer for three days. I say as a Christian community we will meet that challenge but also include in our prayers that all Christians open their eyes to what lies ahead and begin today to learn how to stand firm in their faith. I have brought forth some fundamental truths in my new book that’s absolutely essential for standing firm. I make no apology for spending a third of the book writing specifically about how to stand against the old enemy by understanding his wiles (or flaming arrows) sent to discourage the Christian and send him scurrying off to the counselor’s office. I waste no space in describing the armor of God and how to properly use it for our protection, but also how to advance against the enemy under the banner of Christ with all His power. The days ahead will be perilous for the Christian but I am confident that we can stand firm and win many victories for the Lord. God bless you dear friends and Stand Firm.

Copyright © 2012 Rev. Daniel W. Blair – All content (blog articles) have been published in my new book: “Revelation Truth” available in our bookstore or at a bookstore near you.

One thought on “The Making of Caesar”

  1. Amen to Standing Firm in our Christian Faith!
    We need to stay in God’s Word and hang on for the ride
    for it will be a heck of a roller coaster!
    Keep Jesus with you at all times. Be prepared for anything
    that may happen. Get together emergency kits with
    first aid, water, camping gear, Bible, etc…..incase we see war
    come upon our soil. America one day will be no more no matter
    who is President. For it is written.
    Jesus save us all and come back soon!!

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