The Last Crusade - Islam or Chrisitianty

The Last Crusade – Islam or Christianity

The three great religions believe in the God of Abraham and His selection of the Jewish people to make His name known among the world. The divergence of their faiths depends exclusively upon the messenger, messengers, or lack of a messenger or more correctly stated the true Messiah. When Jesus Christ proclaimed Himself as the true messenger sent by God to be both Messiah and the Son of God, the Jews almost immediately rejected His claims and refused His message. However, His disciples were able to see, really see the compassionate, loving heart of God. For the first time they saw God as a Father of mercy who deeply cares for His children by promising them a new life through His beloved Son. No longer would humanity be held in the bondage of sin and continuous temptation of the Devil. What a tremendous joy to follow Christ and experience a peace that defies understanding. What a tremendous change from the Old Covenant where people were enslaved to the letter of the law compounded by the thousands of additional restrictions placed upon them by their religious leaders.

Yet the most amazing message delivered by this Divine Messenger was that the entire law was summed up in two commandments, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:37-40). This message of love turned the world upside down breaking down walls of hostility and opening doors of peace and tranquility. As this message spread throughout the known world men accepted Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) sent by God to lead them into a new life. They accepted Him as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. They accepted Him as the final revelation from God. Jesus Christ guarded the Church from false prophets and new messengers by stating, ‘”Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ [Messiah or messenger],’ and will deceive many” (Matthew 24:4-5).

As Christ warned 600 years later a messenger did come claiming to speak for God. Moreover, he came to supplant the first Messenger by proclaiming himself as the final prophet sent by God. In so doing he could proclaim a completely different message. No longer was it a message of love where the new followers were taught to turn the other cheek; go the extra mile; and, to give to those who ask. No longer was it a message of loving patience, kindness, where one does not envy, does not boast, is not proud, is not rude, is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, and does not keep a record of wrong. This was not a message of responsibility to his fellow man to accept one another; to honor one another above yourself; and, to live in harmony with one another. Unlike the new messenger Jesus Christ modeled this love and acceptance of others.  He accepted a pagan who sought healing for her child. Christ modeled this love by speaking to a woman of questionable morality and from a despised religious sect. He helped another woman who was caught in adultery by delivering her from certain death. No this message was not taught by this new prophet. In fact, he taught an entirely different message, a message that was eventually written down in a book called the Qur’an. This message was so different that the early Church Fathers saw it as heresy and later on as coming from the Devil himself.

Instead of a being a message of love this new messenger taught one of hate, control, and manipulation.  Speaking of infidels the Qur’an says, slay the unbeliever wherever you find them. (2:191) Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. (9:1:23)   When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them. (9:5) Kill the Jews and Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29) Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85) Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam. (5:33) Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them. (47:4) Muslims must not take the infidels as friends. (3:28) Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an. (8:12) Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels. (8:60)  This is just a short sampling of the many verses in the Qur’an that teach their followers to kill, maim, crucify, and behead others in the name of their god. Clearly this is not a message of love from a loving God but one of hate and barbarism.

Although, this new prophet, Mohammed, acknowledged Jesus Christ as a true Messenger sent from God; His miraculous birth; and, His accent to heaven, he vehemently denied His divinity along with His death and resurrection. To do so allowed him to drastically change the message – from a message of love to a message of hate. Logically speaking why would God change the message? Why would He send a messenger of hate when He had already sent a true Messenger of love showing and demonstrating the heart of God? If God had already shown the path to salvation and a new life in Him there would be no need to send a second messenger with a message diametrically opposed to the first. The point is that Islam is following a false prophet and not serving the one true God. The real tragedy is that many Muslims are trapped in their religion with no way of escape. To do so would be a sure death sentence. My heart bleeds for those who are trapped and who will never know the joy of salvation in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. The other tragedy is many young people trapped in the Islamic faith are now being radicalized by pointing out that to be a true Muslim then they should follow all of the Qur’an in order to properly implement Islam, which has swollen the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The New World Order is expecting the entire Muslim world not to follow the Qur’an in its entirety but to be a peace loving people as they are being aggressively integrated (but not assimilated) into the world population. Is President Barack Obama correct in assuming that all Muslims are moderate if not affiliated with terrorist? I believe the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had it right when he stated, “That it is an offense to refer to the Muslim as a moderate” – one who would not follow the Qur’an in its entirety. Yet the world leaders led by our President ignore that fact and are still sending advanced weaponry to the Islamic rebels, the so called “Moderate Muslims” who are fighting in Syria. What guarantee do we have that they will not at a later date join the Islamic State (ISIS) or be defeated by them, which either way would supply the Islamic State with even more American made weapons to be used against us – the infidel?

In conclusion, we as Christians must stand against this evil with the weapons of righteousness. If we are truly people of the Book then we will follow it in its entirety by loving our neighbor and to truly love our neighbor would offer them the gift of life – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is past time that we get out of our comfort zone and start sharing the Gospel with every so called “Moderate Muslim” who lives amongst us. They are serving a false god and destined for hell. We must not sit by and allow that to happen without taking them the message of truth. It is past time for Christians to demand that their leaders stop shipping weapons to the Middle East even among the so called “Moderate Muslims.” Let the so called “Moderate Muslims” in the Middle East feel the blade of their own diabolical religion then perhaps they will come to their senses and accept the true Messenger of God. It is past time that we become once again – a Christian nation not afraid to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the entire world even if our life is put into danger. God help us to stand firm.

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