The Last Christmas

The Last Christmas

We have been joyfully celebrating the first Christmas for over two thousand years, now we are entering the darkest night of humanity’s soul. What will the last Christmas look like? The final chapter of humanity’s existence upon planet earth as it races through the cosmos will be one to be remembered. The last Christmas will not be remembered like our past Christmases where Christ was at the center of everything we did and thought. All our plans were made accordingly. It will not be remembered for the beautifully decorated trees, the joyous singing of the Christmas carolers, and the bright happy faces of God’s precious children. It was the birthday of our King. It will not be remembered for the love floating through the brisk winter’s night bringing warmth and good tidings for everyone it touches. It will not be remembered for the bright lights and the heavenly sounds of Christmas touching the inner soul of all those anticipating this glorious event. Memories of Christmas past have been deeply etched into every believer’s heart. As humanity approaches its last days on earth, the fallen world will create new memories of the last Christmas that will truly darken our souls.

Let’s look at the memories being formed of the last Christmas being etched into the hearts of fallen humanity, not as an exercise in futility, rather as a warning sign of a clear and present danger. What happened to the heart and soul of Christmas? Someone has misplaced the Savior of humanity. Merry Christmas has been exchanged for happy holidays, so no one would be offended. The gift of giving oneself to others was exchanged for the giving and receiving of bought items with materialistic value. Listening to the heartfelt stories of what our Savior did from the cradle to the grave and His glorious resurrection on Sunday morn was exchanged for the myth of Santa Claus as the infamous gift giver. Beautiful songs about the birth of Jesus Christ were exchanged for songs of mistletoe and holly, and songs about Santa and his reindeer. Step by step the powers of darkness have taken Jesus Christ out of Christmas. The process has been slow and deliberate. The world rejoices in the new holiday of gift-giving as they bring out Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts to be bought days before thanksgiving. We have made a bargain with the devil where they keep the holiday, and we keep Jesus in the manger.

No, it’s not quite the last Christmas yet. We still have pockets of resistance who have not exchanged Christmas for a gift-giving holiday. We still have God’s precious children giving themselves to others. When the need arises, they stop what they are doing to give precious words of counsel or words of beautiful encouragement laced in sincere love. They never grow tired of sharing the old, old story, where Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, laid in a Manger, and died on the Cross of Calvary for the sins of the entire world. They never grow tired of giving themselves to others as Jesus Christ gave Himself for us. For the world of holiday goers, Christmas is at the end of the year, for believers Christmas is the beginning of the year for making new commitments to walk in holiness casting off the works of the old sin nature. It is the beginning of renewing our relationships with one another in true self-giving love that cannot be measured by the price of a gift. The resistance is growing stronger every day among God’s faithful remnant. Tinsel and garland are losing their appeal, along with fake trees and cheaper ornaments. Going into debt to follow the crowd in gift-giving is becoming even more ludicrous. Can you hear the call to return to Christmas, the Christmas from times past?

Finally, as the world grows darker from ever-increasing evil and the many plagues due to the consequences of their sins, we know that the last Christmas is drawing closer. As the entire world seeks a new reality to escape their growing fear, we as believers rejoice in our present reality not allowing fear to drive us underground or to the caves in the Book of Revelation (See Revelation 6:15-17). We will gladly sing loudly of our Savior’s birth and our redemption, not to offend but to share our infectious love with others. As the last Christmas draws nigh, we as God’s beloved saints will refuse to participate in parties that don’t make Jesus Christ the center. They will refuse to celebrate Christmas and ignore the reason for the season. Be bold my friends and invite people to share the true meaning of Christmas with you, not to experience strong drink and merrymaking, but to enjoy a time of wonderful fellowship remembering that Jesus Christ is still the Lord of Christmas. To ignore Christ as Lord makes Christmas a pagan holiday. Let us resist this year as we joyously proclaim: “Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you as you recognize the birth of your Savior.”

Now let us conclude with a beautiful stanza from one of our gifted vocalists, Paula Disbrow, who sings regularly on Tribulation Radio. Let all this beautiful music sung to the glory of God lift your spirit so that you can hear the bells of Heaven.

Christmas is the Birthday of the King

Yes, Christmas time is Jesus

Eternal life He brings

We celebrate the Savior

The Birthday of the King

“Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you as you recognize the birth of your Savior.

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  1. Merry Christmas! HE LIVES! Amen Rev what a wonderful time it is to walk with our Lord daily, even when we face the unknown we must rejoice in our Lord’s faithfulness. Help us, Lord, when we are weak to be strong in you. Praise the LORD.

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