The Great Deception – Part I

Thinking GloballyThis will be a series of articles to help Christians to think globally. To do so will immediately recognize that there are powerful forces at work reshaping our world into a secular utopia galvanizing all nations to accept its destiny. The world population is spoon fed bits and pieces of world events by a media that keeps them blind to a larger truth. Although facts are reported, some correctly, the big picture is never realized even by their best commentators. Prophets, seers, and religious academia have also offered their interpretation of world events either drawn in part, often times out of context, from their holy books or simply from their own imagination. The civilization is deeply confused clutching to an emotional rollercoaster as its being jolted about by every crisis or dilemma facing the world. To think globally we must start by looking up and stop being captivated by each individual event. Clearly the media reports many stories but loses its focus quickly when a larger story comes along. We must move away from the tunnel vision practiced by the media and start to associate ourselves with all of history, with events in every country, with the ebb and flow of humanity and then put that all into context with God’s Word. We must learn how to think globally.

Most Christians believe that eventually there will be a new world order revealing the dreaded Antichrist to persecute Christians. But how do we get to that point has always been a matter of great debate looking at every world event attempting to fit it into an eschatological puzzle. The problem with this way of thinking is there is so much concentration on each piece of the puzzle it’s quite easy to miss the big picture thus unable to see how that individual piece relates with the entire world. Again, we must learn to think globally. If I just look at the events that’s happening in North Korea, then I might see South Korea, China, and the United States, but what about the rest of the world. If I just look at the events that’s happening in the Middle East, then I might see Egypt, Iran, Syria, Israel, and the United States, but what about the rest of the world. We have had many regional conflicts in the history of man and two great world wars. In fact the last world war was said to be “the war to end all wars.” Well we all know that this last great war did not end all wars, nor did it unite the entire world into a new world order. In fact, it was not long before the world was divided once again into nations following mostly the age old common denominator of religious, social, economic and political beliefs. Not much has really changed since the last Great War, but now there is change in the wind.

To build a new world order then understandably religious, social, economic and political beliefs must not only be considered but adequately dealt with in the matrix of civilization. Since the last great empire of Rome civilization has experimented with different forms of government to address the religious, social, and economic needs of its people. From the far left we have in times past seen the emergence of communism that embraced no religion with a pure socialistic agenda to advance its secular state at home and abroad. On the far right we have in times past seen democracies and dictatorships emerge with the belief in one God to establish social, economic, and political beliefs to control its people. In this later group or experimentation we have witnessed an imperialistic and evangelistic zeal to promote its beliefs. In the middle we have seen recently a new wave of secularism with a forward looking world domination emerge and take the world stage. This form of secularism allows every man’s religion to exist with an ever increasing degree of tolerance mirrored much after the old Roman Empire. As each of these world movements’ of experimentation web and flow throughout history it’s the later philosophy of secularism that has taken root primarily in the West with a new imperialistic drive to convert every country into a secular state, practicing religious tolerance, and adhering to the rules of global government.

As we shall see in later articles any country unwilling to follow this form of secularism and join the global community will be deeply sanctioned and eventually overthrown. Quite clearly the days of communism and world dictatorships are numbered along with every country unwilling to practice religious tolerance.  This new form of secularism that does not embrace any one religion must produce a secular religion to be practiced and accepted by all. To remove God from His central role as Savior and Provider for humanity then they must put forth a religion that will meet the psychological, emotional, and behavior needs of the population. Furthermore, they must adopt a socialistic society that will care for the physical needs of its people. Step by step the wealth will be spread causing a universal equality among all people who accept this form of secularism. To deny this form of world government and hold tenaciously to your old faith and dependence on God alone in its exclusiveness will eventually put you in a position of being unable to buy or sell, persecution, and death.

Make no mistake my friends there is a great power at work spreading this form of secularism and no country will be able to withstand it. Next week I will write specifically about China and North Korea and the demise of communism as its being led astray to make the inevitable mistake of attacking the West. Dear friends, it’s time to stand firm for the whole world will be cast into convulsions to bring forth this new world order or secularism.

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